Monday, November 30, 2009


So sorry for the long hiatus. Have been kinda busy and also been quite lazy to post.. When I wanted to post something on that day, ended up i will be busy or had some other things to do.. hehe... Short update abt my personal life. Life so far is ok for me.. Of coz there are ups and downs lah.. but so far am doing ok.. hehe.. How abt working life? Am doing ok too.. LOL.. but since is a school holidays, been kinda busy.. Even though is tiring but is also fun.. =)... To my readers who have kids of their own, and you don't have any plans on what to do with your kids, come join our fun holiday programme. Visit our PlayNLearn website here.

Besides that, my younger brother, friends and his diploma in mass communication classmates are organizing a charity event which is known as "Walkabrella"

My younger brother had also blog about this event. Click here to view..

Taken from the walkabrella website which was design by the mass communication students.

What is Walkabrella??

Dubbed WALKABRELLA, the event is geared towards creating awareness on Cerebral Palsy and is expected to attract over 1500 people who will be participating in a casual, non-competitive walk, spanning 6-kms in the vicinity of Bandar Utama.

Date : 6th December 2009 (Sunday)
Time : 7:00am to 4:00pm
Venue: Central Park, 1Utama
Fee : RM10.00 per... (read more)

We've talked the talk, now let's walk the WALK!

- Our mission is to highlight the plight of our beneficiary and to create awareness on Cerebral Palsy. Our strategy is to gather as many people to participate in this walk-for-a-cause with our symbolic white umbrellas wide open.

They will walk, talk and THRIVE!

- Cerebral Palsy is not a disease, it is not infectious. It does not affect ones intelligence and it is not curable. It is not genetic, it is not progressive.

Who else can help them if not US?



Yes, I will also be joining this event with my friends this coming sunday. if your also interested, drop me a comment and i will get back to you.. =).

After the event, I will head back to Penang the next day to celebrate my mum's birthday.. can't wait to go back to penang and spend time with them.. I am taking off on Tuesday... I still can't decide whether i should take half day leave on wed then I can leave on wednesday morning and then when i reach i go and work.. LOL.. But anyhow, am happy to be able to go back eventhough is a short trip.. Miss everyone back home..

I recently also attended the Unforgettable: Royal Charity Concert as we were treated to a musical journey of light classics, popular favourites and sheer symphonic magic. This concert was organized by The Alzheimer’s Disease Foundation Malaysia (ADFM) .

The concert featured the Kuala Lumpur International Festival Orchestra, an all-star ensemble of 66 acclaimed international and local musicians led by Malaysian-born, New York-based conductor Eugene Pook, with guest soloists including virtuoso violinist Jessica Lee from the United States and Malaysian singer Sean Ghazi.

If your interested to know more about that event visit here

It was entertaining and a great concert.. I had fun.. =)..

These are one of the things that I do during my offdays besides going out with friends to shop and also to catch up with them.. Of coz also not forgetting my beautiful sleep and rest.. Hahaha...

That's it for now.. Take care all...

Before I stop, I would like to wish my brothers, friends and readers all the very best in your exams whether is SPM, STPM, College Exams and Uni Exams.. All the very best and I know you all can do it!!!