Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My 22nd Birthday Celebration!!!

On my birthday, 15 July 2008, I went to work as usual, but I only work for 4 hours that day.. I started work from 10am to 2 pm. After that, at 3 pm, my friend, Serene came to have lunch with me in Pastasia in Gurney Plaza after her class.. Both of us ordered Fettucine Carbonara. We stayed there till about 5pm and then both of us decided to go back.

Here is the food we ordered..

Me enjoying the food..

After that, I came home and rest... At 8pm, My whole family went for a nice dinner in Summer Garden. That was the first time we all went there to eat. My mum went there for lunch with her friend and then she decided we go there for dinner to celebrate my birthday.. We chatted till abt 11 pm then only we left. It was a nice place and so cooling...

The drinks Menu

Mum's Spaghetti.

That's what I ordered. It was yummyy.. My elder brother also ordered the same food like me..

Then here's my younger brother and dad's food- lamb

This picture is taken before I had my food.

Another shot.. Yup.. We had white wine too..

Me drinking my white wine.. My younger brother take this picture.. :)

Me and my lovely dad.. Thanks dad for always supporting me and paying my education and whatever things I wanted.. I love you dad!!!

Me with my birthday cake.. Wait.. Is a homemade cake ok... My best friend, Wye Ling got her mum to made it for me..

While they are singing the birthday song.. Haha.. And the restaurant also played the birthday music for me too.. LOL

Waiting to make my wish...

and am still waiting... Hahaha.. Kidding

And YAY!!! Finally I can make my wish.. :P

And now, after making a wish, is time to blow the candles..

After blowing the candle..

Am enjoying myself and that's why am smilling so much.. LOL

My lovely dad and Mum.. I love both of you.. Thanks dad and mum for everything, especially the support and encouragement when am down..

With both my parents and my elder brother..

My lovely family..

My lovely family.. My parents, my elder brother and my younger brother..

My cute little brother.. Now he is so big already.. 17 years old de..

I love my younger brother.. Thanks for fetching me around now.. Hehe..

My brothers. You all by now should know which is my elder and younger brother right.. HEHE!!!

Me and my birthday cake.. My mum decorated the cake for me.. :)

After all the pictures, is finally time to cut my cake...

And now, is time to eat the cake.. Haha..

That's all on the day of my birthday celebration.. Before I end this post, on this day also, it was my cousin graduation ceremony...


And Thank You to all my dear friends who take time to wish me Happy Birthday through sms, calls,msn, facebook, friendster, emails, and also through my blog.. Thanks also to all those who find some time to celebrate with me..

Besides that, I would also like to thank my 3 best friends who took time from their busy schedule to celebrate with me and also to shari's mum who cooked for us to eat.. Thanks so much my best friends, Shari, Phei Shan and Wye Ling. Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures on that day..

My Best Friends.. This Picture was taken last year during my 21st birthday..

Friday, July 18, 2008

A small party organized by my friends in Chilli's

Sorry for the lack of new posts. I have been really busy and tired since I started working part-time. By the time am back, am too tired to do anything. Actually, am planning to sleep now but decided to post a short entry with some pictures first regarding a small birthday party which my friends organized for me.. Actually 3 people including me.. Haha.. I only went down for a few days to KL so didn't have time to celebrate or called my other friends for some other small gathering. So on Friday, Suet Li, Me and Kak Lessie went to Chilli's for lunch.. After chatting and laughing and finished our food, we decided to pay and leave. But Suet Li wanted to eat dessert so we say ok.. Ended up she ordered a cake.. Dont know wat is the name of the dessert.. It was SUPPOSE to be for dessert and nothing else.. HOWEVER, our brilliant Suet Li had a great idea.. She asked the waitress for a candle and lighted it and then they started singing a birthday song.. Haha.. After that, we all ate the cake, paid the bill and then we leave back home.. Haha.. Btw, Thanks Suet Li for the lunch.. And also the pressie.. Thankies..

Here's the pictures...

My birthday cake.. Thanks to Suet Li

Me and my small little gurl Suet Li.. She is so going to kill me soon.. Running away from her!!! The picture is blur.. Sob Sob

Making a wish.. Haha

The 3 of us... After meal

Me and Kak Lessie

Ok guys.. Am very tired now and am working from 10am to 6pm again tomorrow and then straight home to changed then go straight to my Sri Inai batch 2003 reunion dinner organized by my friend to keep in touch with each other... So it will be another tiring day for me..

I'll post my 22nd birthday dinner which my family celebrated for me.. So stay tune.. Although No guarantee when I will post it up, but be patient, I will try me best to post it up asap.. Hahaha..

That's it for now.. Time to say goodnite and have a good sleep.. :)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!!! LOL

Am 1 year older today.. Is already 12am and today is mine birthday.. How time passes so fast.. Seems like it was just yesterday when I celebrated my 21st birthday.. I had a great 21st birthday last year both in Penang and KL party... This year I didn't plan anything.. I will only go out with my parents and brothers tomorrow for dinner.. Some of my friends from KL already celebrated with me and some already gave me pressie when I went down to KL few days back.. Thank you everyone who spare some time celebrating with me..

This is a really short post since am tired.. Am working tomorrow till 2 p.m... then I will be going home then dinner go out with my family..

Anyways, I am wishing myself Happy 22nd Birthday.. Hahaha...

See you guys soon!!!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

What I Do During the Holidays??

Hi everyone,

So sorry for the lack of post recently.. My internet connection is unstable and coming online is so difficult as it goes offline so often. Besides, I have been addicted to dramas recently since holidays started.. Hehe.. Better watch all that I want to watch before uni reopens in 1 and the half months time.. I am still waiting for my results.. which is coming soon.. Damn scared..

The dramas I watched since holidays..

Linda Chung plays the role of Sze Ka Ka, a girl who has gone out of control ever since her mother passed away. Lost in a world of drugs, lies, and sex...Ka meets Sing Yat On (Steven Ma), who is deeply moved by her love for her deceased mother. However, due to a series of past events, Ka and her family have gotten into an almost unfixable relationship. As she spends more time with On, she realizes that she's been going about her life the wrong way. They fall in love with each other, but come across many obstacles due to Ka's old lifestyle.

Always Ready (隨時候命) is a drama by Hong Kong television station Television Broadcasts Limited. The story is centered around the Government Flying Service (Hong Kong), which is responsible for search and rescue (SAR), air ambulance, firefighting and assisting in police operations.




Tim Sir and the police force are in charge of solving murder cases. Siu Yau is the head of her department. Sam is a doctor whose responsibility is to find out the victims' causes of death and other health-related jobs. Ding Ding is an investigator who helps to solve cases.

In between these cases, the characters of this story have a lot of personal issues to deal with. Yvonne finds that her husband has been cheating on her because she does not want to have children. Kong Jai develops a crush on Ding Ding, but soon finds out that she likes Sam. Tim Sir's wife, Charlie dies after being accidentally poisoned by a nurse. Although Tim says he is not ready for another serious relationship, he develops feelings for Siu Yau and vice versa.

Sam meets a young girl named Mon, who has been taking many wrong paths in her life and he is helping her to get her life back on track. Sam writes books about crime-solving and murder, which Mon enjoys very much. What Sam does not know is that Mon has strong feelings for him. Mon is jealous of Ding Ding because Sam is dating her. But one particular day, the police force is called to a very strange case. The murder victims have been killed in the same way the victims were in Sam's books! When the force begins to suspect Mon - they find her dead. Who is this strange serial killer and why are they killing people following Sam's books?


I will be watching Forensic Heroes 2 soon...

The Champion is a singapore drama.. Quite nice..

"The Champion" deals with two plots in the same time. First, it tells the story of the female swimming team Fei Yu which fights with the arrogant Flying Fish. Starting with a very low potential, Fei Yu improves step by step thanks to their new and very strict coach Wu Zhenkang (Yan Xing Shu). The team is composed of Lu Kaixin (Fiona Xie), Guo Jingwen (Jeanette Aw), Wang Tong (Felicia Chin) and He Yilin (Zhao Hong Qiao). Family and friends surround them especially Kaixin's brother Kaiwei (Qi Yuwu).

We also get much deeper in the life of one of the Fei Yu swimmers: Jingwen the "tardy queen". Due to a difficult family life, Jingwen can not always reach her swimming commitments as well as her family ones. However, she is a courageaous girl and she always tries to do her best. She will also fall in love but Jingwen will hesitate a long time between Kaiwei and Zhenkang

There are a lot of sub-plots in this drama. We can summarize them with the main common starting point: Kaixin fell in love with Jiajun (Toro). Jealousy within the Fei Yu will give trouble to all the characters especially the kind and naive Kaixin.


Hehe.. this is all the shows I have watched so far.. I love all of them..

Currently watching:

The Bar Benders

Brink Of Law

I will update on the Japanese dramas I have watched in the other post soon I hope..

Besides that, my best friends are all back... Am so Happy.. Finally got to meet up with them after so long.. I only get to see them once a year.. And most likely one of them wont come back next year... So I guess I have to go visit them then... Haha.. I need money..

Am also looking for jobs too.. I dont think I want to rot at home also..And I need money.. So yes, hopefully I can get a job..

My thesis is getting on very slowly.. Still waiting for my supervisor to approve my things so I can work on the collection of data.. I also need the letters to get approval..

Oh by the way, I have been eating alot too.. Penang food is so yummy and cheap.. Been going out with friends too..

Sometimes holidays are fun and can relax.. But if there is nothing much to do, you tends to get very lazy and bored.. But I will enjoy as much as I can.. Hahaha...

That's it for now.. Take care everyone