Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My 22nd Birthday Celebration!!!

On my birthday, 15 July 2008, I went to work as usual, but I only work for 4 hours that day.. I started work from 10am to 2 pm. After that, at 3 pm, my friend, Serene came to have lunch with me in Pastasia in Gurney Plaza after her class.. Both of us ordered Fettucine Carbonara. We stayed there till about 5pm and then both of us decided to go back.

Here is the food we ordered..

Me enjoying the food..

After that, I came home and rest... At 8pm, My whole family went for a nice dinner in Summer Garden. That was the first time we all went there to eat. My mum went there for lunch with her friend and then she decided we go there for dinner to celebrate my birthday.. We chatted till abt 11 pm then only we left. It was a nice place and so cooling...

The drinks Menu

Mum's Spaghetti.

That's what I ordered. It was yummyy.. My elder brother also ordered the same food like me..

Then here's my younger brother and dad's food- lamb

This picture is taken before I had my food.

Another shot.. Yup.. We had white wine too..

Me drinking my white wine.. My younger brother take this picture.. :)

Me and my lovely dad.. Thanks dad for always supporting me and paying my education and whatever things I wanted.. I love you dad!!!

Me with my birthday cake.. Wait.. Is a homemade cake ok... My best friend, Wye Ling got her mum to made it for me..

While they are singing the birthday song.. Haha.. And the restaurant also played the birthday music for me too.. LOL

Waiting to make my wish...

and am still waiting... Hahaha.. Kidding

And YAY!!! Finally I can make my wish.. :P

And now, after making a wish, is time to blow the candles..

After blowing the candle..

Am enjoying myself and that's why am smilling so much.. LOL

My lovely dad and Mum.. I love both of you.. Thanks dad and mum for everything, especially the support and encouragement when am down..

With both my parents and my elder brother..

My lovely family..

My lovely family.. My parents, my elder brother and my younger brother..

My cute little brother.. Now he is so big already.. 17 years old de..

I love my younger brother.. Thanks for fetching me around now.. Hehe..

My brothers. You all by now should know which is my elder and younger brother right.. HEHE!!!

Me and my birthday cake.. My mum decorated the cake for me.. :)

After all the pictures, is finally time to cut my cake...

And now, is time to eat the cake.. Haha..

That's all on the day of my birthday celebration.. Before I end this post, on this day also, it was my cousin graduation ceremony...


And Thank You to all my dear friends who take time to wish me Happy Birthday through sms, calls,msn, facebook, friendster, emails, and also through my blog.. Thanks also to all those who find some time to celebrate with me..

Besides that, I would also like to thank my 3 best friends who took time from their busy schedule to celebrate with me and also to shari's mum who cooked for us to eat.. Thanks so much my best friends, Shari, Phei Shan and Wye Ling. Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures on that day..

My Best Friends.. This Picture was taken last year during my 21st birthday..


Chee Hung said...

thank you so much for the nang. I really appreciate it. You are cordially invited to visit my blog in www.hippocrates1976.com. Again, thanks for the nang

-popjammerz- said...

haha happy belated birthday to u! :)
thx for the wish!!!
we're 1 month different!:)

Christine said...

Chee Hung- Ur most welcome.. And welcome to my blog too

Popjammerz- Thanks Popjammerz for the belated wish.. Yes, One month.. Which year are u born??

iCalvyn said...

happy belated b'day

serene said...

hey...wont get to eat carbonara at pastasia anymore...luckly din leave the place or not we wud be wondering if its nice anot.hehehe.i think we made them bancrupt...hehehe rugi la got customers like us XD
neway im looking forward to carbonara-ing with you in future..musnt die yet kay? eat carbonara ady then oni can die XD just kidding la hehehe

serene said...

eh where is this summer garden? they got carbonara? XD

Christine said...

serene- hahaha.. we make them bankrupt.. cannot be lah.. LOL.. Yeap, luckily we try.. LOL.. u also mustn't die yet coz u promise to go with me.. Hahaha.. Summer garden ar?? near TAR college.. Dont know where exactly.. haha.. dont remember whether got caborana either.. Haha... :)

serene said...

ok wont die yet la...must live.for.carbonara! hehehe...its okay la i located two new places for carbonara :) :) hehehe