Sunday, April 19, 2015


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1) First come first serve basis.
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3) Colours may be slightly different due to monitor settings and lighting of the photography.
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Friday, April 17, 2015

Young Living Essential Oil: Peppermint

Is been some time since my last post. Today, I would like to share with you Young Living Essential Oils.

Since I came back from UK, I heard about Young Living Essential Oils from my mum and one of my friend who have been using it. At first, I refused to used it or even want to know about it since I knew it was an MLM product. Being skeptical about it, I didn't bother trying the product. After a month later, when my mum kept on telling me how good the product was, I decided to give it a try. Now, I felt in love with the essential oils and would love to share this with my friends. Disclaimer: I am not doing this for MLM or business. So if your interested to know how the business plan works, I would not be able to tell you in details.. But i can introduce you to my friend if your interested to know about the plan. :)

There are few oils that I really love.. The first is the Young Living Peppermint Oil. Why Peppermint oil? Peppermint oil have many benefits. See the pictures below for some of the benefits. I love peppermint because I always have bad headaches and migraines since young. However, since using this, the headaches and migraines have been reduce. If I have a bad headaches, once I apply this oil few times a day, the pain reduces or even go away. It also helps concentration and make you feel awake especially in the morning. Imagined working up in the morning and you feel so tired and fatigue. This oil helps will definitely make you feel more energized and awake. Every time, when I am sleepy, I will rub it on my forehead and inhale it.. The other benefits is that it also helps in sore throat and fever too.. Drop one drop of peppermint into the water and drink it, and also inhaling or diffusing it... As for fever, rub the feet as well as your neck. This are some of the benefits that have helped me since I used this oil. You can drink, inhale or diffused it. Just be Warn! DO not diffused PEPPERMINT OIL at night, as it will make you stay awake. :) Unless you want to stay awake if your rushing for assignments or work, then diffused it.. Try this instead of drinking coffee to keep you awake.. :) Feel free to drop me a comment if your interested to know more about the lovely oils that have benefitted me and my family and friends. Stay tune for the next Essential Oil that I will introduce to you in my next post. 

Friday, January 30, 2015

My Experience as a Student Mentor in NTU!

My Experience as a Student Mentor in NTU!

Throughout my time at Nottingham Trent University, I am blessed and honored to have great memories and experiences that I will always cherished in my heart. Looking back at the 2 years at NTU, I had encountered many different situations, ups and even to my lowest point in my life. However, one of the experiences that I will always treasure is the great opportunity to be part of the International Post- Graduate Student Mentoring Scheme.  In September 2012, the College of Arts and Science introduced a student-led mentoring scheme for incoming international students to assist them to settle into UK and NTU, providing a friendly point of contact as well as addressing any issues that may be affecting their studies. Student Mentor are also responsible to direct students to the necessary member of staff within NTU when necessary and notify relevant staff of broader issues that need to be addressed.  In September 2012, I had the privilege to be part of the first intake to experience the new mentoring scheme. Through this scheme, I was able to make new people, gain more information about NTU and UK thus eases my transition as well as resolves any issues through contact with my student mentor. Knowing that this mentoring scheme helps new students settle down easily, I decided to volunteer myself to become an International Student Mentor to guide new international students. I became an International Postgraduate Student Mentor from January 2013 till Jun 2014. The experiences I gained through volunteering, as a Student Mentor was amazing. Throughout the time being as a student mentor, I was able to assist and provide new students with advices, guide and present their issues concerns to relevant members of staff.  At the same time, while helping others in need and meeting wonderful people along the way, I was able to gain additional knowledge on different courses offered in NTU. Furthermore, by being a Student Mentor, I have the opportunity to demonstrate different types of skills such as leadership, communication, build my confidence level and professionally translate students concerns and demands into recommended and implementable solutions.  This scheme had given me the chance to help new students as well as help me make wonderful connections and friendships with members of staff of different department as well as with my student mentees. The self-satisfaction has also been incredible when you are able to solve the concerns and issues faced by your student mentees. Therefore, please continue to support the International Student Program and be part of the amazing Student Mentor Scheme.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Nottingham Trent University: My Graduation- July 24th 2014

Thank you so much to everyone who came and celebrate this special occasion with me! I am now a Masters Graduate! 

Special thanks goes to:
My amazing lecturers who have been so superb throughout my there at Nottingham Trent University! School of Education Rocks! 
I am so thankful to have this great opportunity to study in UK and at NTU! 

My wonderful placement manager and colleagues known also as my friends who have always
been there for me through my ups and downs. Thank you all for the lovely gifts too!
I had a really great time and experience in the preschool and I will miss all of you so much! I had a
great memories for the last 2 years at the preschool! 

Elaine and Michelle for attending my graduation ceremony and being inside the concert hall. 
Both of you have mean so much to me and it was my great privilege to be able to share 
this special occasion with both of you! 

My beloved brother, for attending my graduation and taking pictures on that day!

And obviously, to my beloved parents who gave me this wonderful privilege to be able to study in the UK! Without them, I wouldn't be in the UK and graduate with a Masters Degree!   

I am truly blessed to have superb lecturers, great admin team at the School of Education Department, amazing colleagues/friends, wonderful members of staff at the library and a few more departments and to all my other wonderful friends that I have met throughout my 2 years in UK. Thank you!

To complete and graduate have not been easy and smooth sailing. I had a really challenging time while in the process of completing my degree. I had health issues and it took be almost few months to recover from the surgery and then I was given more bad news after that. During that time, I wasn't sure whether I would be able to cope with everything especially when I am away from my family and in the foreign country! However, I am really glad to have wonderful people around me who continuously love, care, guide, support, encourage and reassure me that things will be fine. I am so glad to everyone and especially to my superb lecturers and placement colleagues for being there for me through out the difficult moment in my life. Without them, I might not have been able to stay strong and graduate with the results I am proud of. I am really glad that I persevere and stay strong during that time! Life is a roller coaster but as long as you persevere and stay strong, you will be able to achieved your goal. Do not let negative people waver your goal and dream and always be with positive people who will always help you to achieve your goal and dream! I am glad to have a lot of positive people around me during that time! Love all of you lots!

Proud moments! I love all the photos taken on that day!
Thank you to my younger brother, Gavin and my placement manager Elaine
for the lovely photos! 

Friday, November 08, 2013

A short update on my experience in the UK!

Oh my goodness! Time flies.. I cannot imagined that is November 2013 now.. Am so sorry for not updating my blog that often when I am in the UK. My aim was to blog more often when am here, which unfortunately I failed to do that.. I have been overwhelmed with so many things that it didn't occurred to me to sit down and blog about my experience here.. :(

Okay! Is been a year plus since am here.. Met lots of wonderful friends, colleagues, lecturers and many other ppl along the way in the UK last year till now.. I am blessed to have all of you around during my ups and downs. The last year, I was also able to experience the four seasons, autumn, winter, spring and summer. It was a great experience and i enjoyed all of the seasons.. Winter was fun for me because of the snow.. I remember that, on the first or second day when it started to snow, I was in my room doing my assignments.. It was around 3am. At the same time, my other friend Michelle was also in her own room during her assignment. We were both quite stressed till we saw it was snowing.. Before we knew it, we decided to go out just wearing our pajamas and coat.. We ended up playing in the snow for almost an hour.. It was a good break from all the assignments and we had soo much fun! :) I am surprised that we didn't fall sick after that.. It was so cold but it was fun!

I really enjoyed my MA in Education in NTU too.. It was really challenging and it was very tough.. We had 4 research papers to do and 1 dissertation papers to complete in a year.. Even though it was difficult and challenging, i still had fun doing this course.. Everyone in my department from my lecturers, course leader and admin staff are so friendly, helpful, supportive and caring. The education system here is great and I have no regrets coming to UK and NTU to do my Masters in education specialising in Early Years. Of course, studies took alot of my time. Most of the time am at the library and cafe doing my assignments or either in lectures. So there was not many things to update in my blog anyways. I was always thinking about my assignments till i always had to forgo trips with my friends. Before I knew it, in a year, I haven't really travel that much compared to many others.. Time to go and travel soon I hope..

However, when am studying, I had a great company of friends with me in the library or in the cafe doing assignments together. Although they were not even in the same course, we studies and go out together once in a while for a nice and relaxing lunch/dinner during weekends. We always do things together. We work together and we play together.. :) Am really glad to meet both of them in the well-being room! Now both of them have left back to their home country: Canada.. Now am basically studying in the library or cafe alone now.. Missing them so much! Time flies and before i know it, they have to leave.. Yes, they were an undergraduate students during their exchange program in NTU, but we really click together and we became best friends. We were always there to support and encouraged each other. I cried so much when I had to bid them farewell.. Hahaha.. Just because we spent so much time together everyday, I suddenly wasn't used to being alone working on my assignments.. :P But time heals, and although we are apart in distance but our memories we had together will never fade..
Besides the two of them, I had make lots of other wonderful, caring and helpful friends too. Although we don't spent as much time together, but we always make sure we make time to meet and chat with each other no matter how busy each of us are.. Everyone of my friends are from different courses.. Some undergraduates and some postgraduate students.. :) Am really blessed to have wonderful friends in UK.. But many had already left too.. Some of them are leaving soon.. I miss all of them who had left and am going to miss those who are leaving soon.

Yes, you all might be wondering why am i not going back and while am still studying when MA course is only for a year. Yes, your right! Is one year, and I should be graduating in 2 weeks time, however, unfortunately I wont. Something had happened to me during the last 3 months thus I had to extend my studies. However, am glad that everything is settle now. The positive note is that I will be allow to stay in UK longer.. Hahaha.. Yes, I really love UK.. I really hope that i will get a job here.. Although I miss everyone back home, but i still want to be in the UK..

Besides studying, I was also on my placement since Oct 2012. Is been a year plus since am with one of the preschool here.. And I had lots and lots of fun! Love placement so much that I always ended up going so often when I had no classes. I had learnt lots of new things during my placement and at the same time it was really an eye-opening for me on how they handle the children. I really want to gain as much experience i can during my time in the UK. Love the children so much! Love my placement manager and all my colleagues too. Everyone in my placement are so helpful. They taught me a lot of things! No matter how stressed or if am upset/unhappy, I will be fine after i go for placement. Children will never fail to cheer you up.. They are all so cute and adorable.. Sorry, no pictures on them, because in UK, we are not allowed to take photos of the children. YES! IS VERY STRICT HERE! BUT IS GOOD RULE!

That's it for now! Hopefully, I will blog more often in the next few months when am here in the UK.. :) No promises though since I will be studying more than enjoying.. So not much to blog about.. :)

Oh ya.. and am currently doing volunteering too! :) Maybe i'll blog about it when am free.. Hehehe..

Till then, take care always.. Winter is coming soon too.. Time to keep myself warm! :)

Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Kite Runner @ Nottingham PlayHouse

18/5/2013- It was really a great story with great cast! I had a great time watching the live performance. A wonderful first time experience with sad story line.. It's a great way to get a short break from all the endless research assignments.. Should have taken a few pictures during the play but am not sure whether your allow to and also i was so engrossed in the story that i forgot all about it.. The play started at 7:45pm and end at 10:20pm.. Wonderful experience although the ticket was expensive.. I think this will be one and only time i'll be going anyway before my friends leave the UK.. =( Below of the pictures are the summary of the story line taken from wikipedia. And so sorry for the poor quality picture.. It was dark and i only use my iphone to take the pictures.. 

Nottingham Playhouse

The Kite Runner Play!

Michelle and me during the first interval

Zhi Huey and Me during the first interval. Thank you Zhi Huey 
for the expensive ice-cream.. =)

Summary of the Kite Runner Taken from
Amir, a well-to-do Pashtun boy, and Hassan, a Hazara and the son of Amir's father's servant, Ali, spend their days in a peaceful Kabul, kite fighting, roaming the streets and being boys. Amir’s father (who is generally referred to as Baba, "daddy", throughout the book) loves both the boys, but seems critical of Amir for not being manly enough. Amir also fears his father blames him for his mother’s death during childbirth. However, he has a kind father figure in the form of Rahim Khan, Baba’s friend, who understands Amir better, and is supportive of his interest in writing stories.
Assef, a notoriously mean and violent older boy with sadistic tendencies, blames Amir for socializing with a Hazara, according to Assef an inferior race that should only live in Hazarajat. He prepares to attack Amir with his steel knuckles, but Hassan bravely stands up to him, threatening to shoot Assef in the eye with his slingshot. Assef and his henchmen back off, but Assef says he will take revenge.
Hassan is a successful "kite runner" for Amir, knowing where the kite will land without even watching it. One triumphant day, Amir wins the local tournament, and finally Baba's praise. Hassan goes to run the last cut kite, a great trophy, for Amir saying "For you, a thousand times over." Unfortunately, Hassan runs into Assef and his two henchmen. Hassan refuses to give up Amir's kite, so Assef exacts his revenge, assaulting and raping him. Wondering why Hassan is taking so long, Amir searches for Hassan and hides when he hears Assef's voice. He witnesses the rape but is too scared to help him. Afterwards, for some time Hassan and Amir keep a distance from each other. Amir reacts indifferently because he feels ashamed, and is frustrated by Hassan's saint-like behavior. Already jealous of Baba's love for Hassan, he worries if Baba knew how bravely Hassan defended Amir's kite, and how cowardly Amir acted, that Baba's love for Hassan would grow even more.
To force Hassan to leave, Amir frames him as a thief, and Hassan falsely confesses. Baba forgives him, despite the fact that, as he explained earlier, he believes that "there is no act more wretched than stealing." Hassan and his father Ali, to Baba's extreme sorrow, leave anyway. Hassan's departure frees Amir of the daily reminder of his cowardice and betrayal, but he still lives in their shadow and his guilt.
Five years later, the Russians invade Afghanistan; Amir and Baba escape to Peshawar, Pakistan and then to Fremont, California, where Amir and Baba, who lived in luxury in an expansive mansion in Afghanistan, settle in a run-down apartment and Baba begins work at a gas station. Amir eventually takes classes at a local community college to develop his writing skills. Every Sunday, Baba and Amir make extra money selling used goods at a flea market in San Jose. There, Amir meets fellow refugee Soraya Taheri and her family; Soraya's father, who was a high-ranking officer in Afghanistan, has contempt of Amir's literary aspiration. Baba is diagnosed with terminal oat cell carcinoma but is still capable of granting Amir one last favor: he asks Soraya's father's permission for Amir to marry her. He agrees and the two marry. Shortly thereafter Baba dies. Amir and Soraya learn that they cannot have children.
Amir embarks on a successful career as a novelist. Fifteen years after his wedding, Amir receives a call from Rahim Khan, who is dying from an illness. Rahim Khan asks Amir to come to Pakistan. He enigmatically tells Amir "there is a way to be good again." Amir goes.
From Rahim Khan, Amir learns the fates of Ali and Hassan. Ali was killed by a land mine. Hassan had a wife and a son, named Sohrab, and had returned to Baba’s house as a caretaker at Rahim Khan’s request. One day the Taliban ordered him to give it up and leave, but he refused, and was murdered, along with his wife. Rahim Khan reveals that Ali was not really Hassan's father. Hassan was actually the son of Baba, therefore Amir's half-brother. Finally, Rahim Khan tells Amir that the true reason he has called Amir to Pakistan is to go to Kabul to rescue Hassan's son, Sohrab, from an orphanage.
Amir returns to Taliban-controlled Kabul with a guide, Farid, and searches for Sohrab at the orphanage. In order to enter Taliban territory, Amir, who is normally clean shaven, dons a fake beard and mustache, because otherwise the Taliban would exact Shariah punishment against him. However, he does not find Sohrab where he was supposed to be: the director of the orphanage tells them that a Taliban official comes often, brings cash and usually takes a girl back with him. Once in a while however, he takes a boy, recently Sohrab. The director tells Amir to go to a soccer match and the man "who does the speeches" is the man who took Sohrab. Farid manages to secure an appointment with the speaker at his home, by saying that he and Amir have "personal business" with him.
At the house, Amir has his meeting with the man in sunglasses,who says the man who does the speeches is not available,. The man in sunglasses is eventually revealed to be his childhood nemesis, Assef. Assef is aware of Amir's identity from the very beginning, but Amir doesn't realize who he's sitting across from until Assef starts asking about Ali, Baba and Hassan. Sohrab is being kept at the home where he is made to dance dressed in women's clothes, and it seems Assef might have been sexually assaulting him. (Sohrab later says, "I'm so dirty and full of sin. The bad man and the other two did things to me.") Assef agrees to relinquish him, but only for a price - cruelly beating Amir. However, Amir is saved when Sohrab uses his slingshot to shoot out Assef's left eye, fulfilling the threat his father had made many years before.
Amir tells Sohrab of his plans to take him back to America and possibly adopt him, and promises that he will never be sent to an orphanage again. After almost having to break that promise (after decades of war, paperwork documenting Sohrab's orphan status, as demanded by the US authorities, is impossible to get) and Sohrab attempting suicide, Amir manages to take him back to the United States and introduces him to his wife. However, Sohrab is emotionally damaged and refuses to speak or even glance at Soraya. This continues until his frozen emotions are thawed when Amir reminisces about his father, Hassan, while kite flying. Amir shows off some of Hassan’s tricks, and Sohrab begins to interact with Amir again. In the end Sohrab only shows a lopsided smile, but Amir takes to it with all his heart as he runs the kite for Sohrab, saying, "For you, a thousand times over.".

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year! Happy Chap Goh Meh!

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone! Fine fine.. I know is almost ending.. Happy Chap Goh Meh! Sorry.. Time flies so fast that 15 days of Chinese New Year is almost over.. During Chinese New Year I was rushing for my research.. =( This is the shortest Chinese New Year I have celebrated all my whole life.. LOL..

This year since I am in UK, i didnt really celebrate Chinese New Year.. If you ask me whether am home sick.. I can tell you that during the Chinese New Year festival I was really feeling home sick because Chinese New Year is the time where no matter how and where you are, we will always celebrate Chinese New Year together.. Ever since I moved to KL, I will always go back to Penang to celebrate Chinese New Year with my beloved family.. So this is the only year that I didn't celebrate Chinese New Year together.. But celebrating Chinese New Year in UK is also a new experience for me.. This year since all of us are away from home, my friends and I decided to have a little reunion together.. it was really fun.. I had lots of fun... The only few things i miss that I cant get it here is

No 1- My beloved family
No 2- Ang Pow!!! =)
No 3- Chinese New Year Cookies.. Pineapple tarts.. Nestum Cookies.. and etc... ( but thanks to my friend who went back to Malaysia for CNY, she bought back some cookies for me.. Jumping with joy!

Here is how i celebrated my Chinese New Year in Nottingham UK!

During the Chinese New Year Eve! Reunion Dinner with the Malaysian Society.. Thank you 
Malaysian Society for organizing this event.. And we have "yee sang" too.. Not the original one though
but still it was good! Great company and great food.. =)

The Yee Sang! Our table group photo.. :P

Our table! Ang Pow!!! Hahahaha.. 

With my darling Michelle Wong! Huggss.. 

After dinner, we had a group photo before we head for a surprise! =)

Yay!!! First time get to light the Kong Min Lantern.. Known as Sky lantern.. May all our wishes come true! =) It was fun and great experience.. Although we were all freezing cold..

Our Kong Min Lantern before we let it go.. With Michelle and Nathalie.. =)

And finally another group photo after all our lantern are up in the sky! Last group photo before we head back home! 

Then on the first day!

Wishing everyone Happy Chinese New Year! 
May the year of snake brings good luck, good health, prosperity and long life.

This is what we do!

Yes.. We have dim sum! That was only some of the food.. We had much more than this.. 
The food and the company was great too.. There was 13 of us altogether.. No group photos.. Sorry.. Too busy eating and chatting..  The first day we spend with all our close friends so it was really great!

After that, most of them head to KTV, while i head back to have dinner with my other dearies.. 

With Hope in Weatherspoon located at Trent Bridge Inn!

And Sincere!

And all 3 of us.. Thank you for being such a great friends to me.. I had so much fun hanging out with all of you! Studies and also enjoyment.. Thank you for being my library partners too..

That's how i celebrated my Chinese New Year Eve and First day of Chinese New Year.. I had lots of fun with great company.. Am really glad and blessed with good friends here..

After the 2 days, I was back to studies.. =( This year was the shortest Chinese New Year ever but i still had fun.. So that's great!

The photos from the Reunion dinner was taken from Daryl Lee! Thank you for the photos..

The Dinner photos was taken from Hope! Thank you darling.. :)

Wishing everyone HAPPY CHAP GOH MEH!!! =)

Greetings from Nottingham, UK!