Friday, November 08, 2013

A short update on my experience in the UK!

Oh my goodness! Time flies.. I cannot imagined that is November 2013 now.. Am so sorry for not updating my blog that often when I am in the UK. My aim was to blog more often when am here, which unfortunately I failed to do that.. I have been overwhelmed with so many things that it didn't occurred to me to sit down and blog about my experience here.. :(

Okay! Is been a year plus since am here.. Met lots of wonderful friends, colleagues, lecturers and many other ppl along the way in the UK last year till now.. I am blessed to have all of you around during my ups and downs. The last year, I was also able to experience the four seasons, autumn, winter, spring and summer. It was a great experience and i enjoyed all of the seasons.. Winter was fun for me because of the snow.. I remember that, on the first or second day when it started to snow, I was in my room doing my assignments.. It was around 3am. At the same time, my other friend Michelle was also in her own room during her assignment. We were both quite stressed till we saw it was snowing.. Before we knew it, we decided to go out just wearing our pajamas and coat.. We ended up playing in the snow for almost an hour.. It was a good break from all the assignments and we had soo much fun! :) I am surprised that we didn't fall sick after that.. It was so cold but it was fun!

I really enjoyed my MA in Education in NTU too.. It was really challenging and it was very tough.. We had 4 research papers to do and 1 dissertation papers to complete in a year.. Even though it was difficult and challenging, i still had fun doing this course.. Everyone in my department from my lecturers, course leader and admin staff are so friendly, helpful, supportive and caring. The education system here is great and I have no regrets coming to UK and NTU to do my Masters in education specialising in Early Years. Of course, studies took alot of my time. Most of the time am at the library and cafe doing my assignments or either in lectures. So there was not many things to update in my blog anyways. I was always thinking about my assignments till i always had to forgo trips with my friends. Before I knew it, in a year, I haven't really travel that much compared to many others.. Time to go and travel soon I hope..

However, when am studying, I had a great company of friends with me in the library or in the cafe doing assignments together. Although they were not even in the same course, we studies and go out together once in a while for a nice and relaxing lunch/dinner during weekends. We always do things together. We work together and we play together.. :) Am really glad to meet both of them in the well-being room! Now both of them have left back to their home country: Canada.. Now am basically studying in the library or cafe alone now.. Missing them so much! Time flies and before i know it, they have to leave.. Yes, they were an undergraduate students during their exchange program in NTU, but we really click together and we became best friends. We were always there to support and encouraged each other. I cried so much when I had to bid them farewell.. Hahaha.. Just because we spent so much time together everyday, I suddenly wasn't used to being alone working on my assignments.. :P But time heals, and although we are apart in distance but our memories we had together will never fade..
Besides the two of them, I had make lots of other wonderful, caring and helpful friends too. Although we don't spent as much time together, but we always make sure we make time to meet and chat with each other no matter how busy each of us are.. Everyone of my friends are from different courses.. Some undergraduates and some postgraduate students.. :) Am really blessed to have wonderful friends in UK.. But many had already left too.. Some of them are leaving soon.. I miss all of them who had left and am going to miss those who are leaving soon.

Yes, you all might be wondering why am i not going back and while am still studying when MA course is only for a year. Yes, your right! Is one year, and I should be graduating in 2 weeks time, however, unfortunately I wont. Something had happened to me during the last 3 months thus I had to extend my studies. However, am glad that everything is settle now. The positive note is that I will be allow to stay in UK longer.. Hahaha.. Yes, I really love UK.. I really hope that i will get a job here.. Although I miss everyone back home, but i still want to be in the UK..

Besides studying, I was also on my placement since Oct 2012. Is been a year plus since am with one of the preschool here.. And I had lots and lots of fun! Love placement so much that I always ended up going so often when I had no classes. I had learnt lots of new things during my placement and at the same time it was really an eye-opening for me on how they handle the children. I really want to gain as much experience i can during my time in the UK. Love the children so much! Love my placement manager and all my colleagues too. Everyone in my placement are so helpful. They taught me a lot of things! No matter how stressed or if am upset/unhappy, I will be fine after i go for placement. Children will never fail to cheer you up.. They are all so cute and adorable.. Sorry, no pictures on them, because in UK, we are not allowed to take photos of the children. YES! IS VERY STRICT HERE! BUT IS GOOD RULE!

That's it for now! Hopefully, I will blog more often in the next few months when am here in the UK.. :) No promises though since I will be studying more than enjoying.. So not much to blog about.. :)

Oh ya.. and am currently doing volunteering too! :) Maybe i'll blog about it when am free.. Hehehe..

Till then, take care always.. Winter is coming soon too.. Time to keep myself warm! :)