Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Baby Aden

Remember in my earlier post, I stated that Gina had gave birth to a baby boy.. Congrats again to Gina and Liew.. The baby is at home already and we went up to her place to visit her and her baby.. The baby is so cute... I guess I don't need to say much.. The pictures will tell you how cute the baby is...

Pictures taken from Gina's facebook

Baby Aden

Pictures I took when we went to visit Gina, Liew and the baby

So, am I right.. So cute right.. :)

Congratulations Gina and Liew!!!

Happy Birthday to Sharon also.. May all your wishes comes true.. Have a great birthday ya.. Will see you soon when am back to KL...

That's it for now.. Take care everyone..

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pink Dream

Hi my dear friends, Here is a short update about my cousin's new fashion boutique. Is a small shop but she specifically hand pick the clothes and others by herself.

Today is her opening ceremony of 'Pink Dream'. So we went to support her and when to see her new shop.. It was cosy.. So to all gurls who are interested in buying clothes, accessories, bags, you all can drop by to:

13, Bangkok Lane
10250 Penang

I took a few pics while I was there, but it is blur. Was usually my hp camera..

Haha.. The dress from the mannequin was taken off for one of the customers to try on.. :)

Go and Have a look.. Even of you don't mind anything... You never know, maybe you like the clothes in her boutique. Take care and enjoy yourself..

Thank you for your support.. :)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Girls Outing- Shan, Sharon, Shelly and Me in Wong Kok, 1 Utama

On June 4, I met up with Shan and Sharon and Sharon friend, Shelly. I haven't met Shan for ages de.. Almost 7 months i think.. So I finally make a point to meet them up and chat. We arrived at 1 something, and we chatted till about 5 something to 6 p.m.. The Shan fetch me home before she return. Yes, it is on the same day that the petrol price increase so Shan was stuck in a bad jammed when fetching me home and also on her way home. Shan, Get Well Soon ya.. I know your are strong to overcome all the problems you are having now.. Sorry that I wasn't there for you during the time when you need your friends to be there for you.. but I promise that I will be there for you and just called/sms/email/msn me anytime... Sharon, All the best in your final year.. We went to 1 Utama, Wong Kok to eat.. Here is the pictures we took together.. Only a few picture of us..

All of us in Wong Kok to eat and chat.. I guess that is my first time in the same place chatting like 4 and the half hours with my friends. Hahaha.. We wanted to leave earlier, but it was raining very heavy, so we couldn't make a moved.. At least we managed to catch up with each other after so long.. Shan, when your back in Uni, we go yum cha again ya.. :)

Me and Shan

Another shot of both of us..

Me, Shan and Sharon..

The 3 of us... Miss you all..

Sharon and Shelly.. Haha.. :)

As I said in the last post where I posted about SUE'S BIRTHDAY, I stated that how long we have met each other doesn't matter right. Is a matter of us putting effort to maintain our friendship.. I only met Sharon and Shan a few days only in uni when I was in Year 2.. But under certain circumstances, both of them had to changed courses.. So they were not in the same course with me.. So, I only know them few days only, but then because we all put the effort to maintain our friendship, it had been already 2 years since I first met them.. Even though we are busy with our own things but our friendship is always in our heart. :)

Hope to see you guys again.. Take care and All the best to all of you. Nice meeting you too Shelly.. :).. We plan for another session again soon when Sharon finished her exams lah.. Hahaha

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Today is Sue birthday and sadly am not there to celebrate with her.. Sue, I promise to celebrate your birthday together but a bit later ya.. Before I wish her, I want to briefly talk about her to you guys first.. I know Sue only less than 1 year, but it doesn't matter how short or how long we know each other, but how our friendship developed. We usually spend time together and go yum cha when all of us are free.. Feeling sad when Golda and Sherlin left. Feeling happy when we are all out together from going out to dinner, to yum cha, to sing k, to pasar malam, to movies and others. It was really fun going out with you guys.. Sue, even though is less than a year, but i guess time doesn't matter as I find that our friendship is stronger than some who knows each other longer. I know Sue through Jordan Competition which I have blog about before. Thanks to Golda, I was able to meet such wonderful friends.. I never regret joining the competition and helping them as even though it was hectic, I enjoyed myself and also I was able to make new friends.. She was even there for me during my difficult moments when my grandpa passed away.. She make sure I was ok and called me before my exams to ask whether I would be fine. Sue, it was really fun to hang out with you and the others and chat.. Btw, Sue is of course from HELP but she took a different course like me.. I guess it was fated to know them. She already graduated and I was there for their graduation ceremony.. Am really lucky to be able to know her.. and of coz Golda and Sherlin.

Haha... This picture is stolen from Golda.. Thanks girl.. :)

Friends Forever
by Ashley Benson

My friends are so very dear to me,
Through the good and bad they've been there,
Laughter or tears we've been through it all,
But no matter what they stood by me,
Sharing in my joy, or lending a shoulder to cry on.

Building memories that will last a life time.
The fun times and laughter that we have shared
Are happy memories that will always be there.
When I was sad, they have always cheered me up.

My friends are true friends, not just passing by,
But will be there through out the years.
I cant think of more perfect friends,
To share my goals and dreams with.

Because my Forever Friends
Are the only ones I will ever need,
I dont know if they can tell
Just how much they mean to me.

How important their friendship is,
And how much I care,
For they are what true friendship is about.
Theyre there when I need them,
And I love them all.

Sue, You guys are already my best friends.. I am so lucky to meet you guys.. I hope our friendship will grow stronger day by day.. No matter what happen, I hope our friendship will last forever.. Golda and Sherlin, if you read this, is also for you..
Thanks for everything you have done for me, thru my ups and down and I really appreciate it.. Thanks guys for being there for me..

Now, is time to wish SUE a Happy Birthday..

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to my dearest friend, Sue
Happy Birthday to you..

Am so sorry I couldn't be there for you on such a big occasion.. But for sure, I will celebrate with you..
Here is my birthday wishes to you
Sue, I wish you much pleasure and joy and I hope all of your wishes comes true.
I hope you will have a great birthday..All the best in whatever you do and we will meet up very soon. Take care.. Miss you lots.. Huggsss

Monday, June 09, 2008

Innit Nangs.. Thanks everyone!!!

Yay!!! I finally get more than 10 nangs in the latest post.. I know I know is not a lot for most bloggers, but this is the first time I get 11 nangs.. Haha.. Thank you to those who nang my post.. Really appreciate it..

Click on the picture if you want to see it bigger..

p/s- this post is to thank those who have been commenting on my blog, visiting my blog and nanging my blog.. Thanks a lot..

Sunday, June 08, 2008

3 words but is so meaningful

Am having my 3 months break now and now am back in Penang.. Have been busy last few days as I was moving place.. That was so tiring.. Haha.. I moved everything to my cousin house first since I still haven't got the keys to my new place yet.. Results will be out in July.. Damn it.. Always around my birthday time.. Please pray for me that I passed my exams.. Thank you in advance.. LOL..

Today my cousin Gina gave birth to a baby boy at 6.23 p.m.. Congrats Gina.. The baby is so cute.. My family and I went to visit her and also to see the baby..

Euro 2008 started yesterday already.. To those who follow, enjoy watching it..

Here is a email that my friend send to me and I find it very meaningful, and I want to share it with you all.. And it only takes 3 words.

I hope you guys find it meaningful as I find this very meaningful.. Enjoy..

Friday, June 06, 2008

Outing in MidValley

On Monday 2/6/2008, I went to MidValley to meet up with Siew Mei who is leaving to her hometown already since she already graduated. So I decided to meet up with her since I was still in KL.. Then after that, Yik Fan came to join us and we left at 11pm.. Was there from 2 pm till 11pm.

In Kim Garry

The peanut butter bread

The beef bake cheese rice

Siew Mei- She is leaving back to her hometown already.. Sob Sob

Of course that is me!!!

The 2 of us.. Siew Mei was also my group mate for my consumer behavior assignment

Then we went to shop till about 7pm where we then headed to sweet chat to eat snacks..

The name of the shop...

Me in Sweet Chat

Siew Mei in Sweet Chat

Durian Pancake..

Those who like to eat Durian, you can give it a try.. Is nice...

Bur Bur Cha Cha

After that, we continue shopping while waiting for my other friend to come.. She is also my group members for the consumer behavior subject too..She arrived about 8.40pm and we shop together for a while till about 9.30p.m and then headed for dinner

In Chilli's

Siew Mei, will miss you.. Will come visit you in Sarawak... Hehe.. Thanks for everything.. Take care dear!!!