Friday, June 06, 2008

Outing in MidValley

On Monday 2/6/2008, I went to MidValley to meet up with Siew Mei who is leaving to her hometown already since she already graduated. So I decided to meet up with her since I was still in KL.. Then after that, Yik Fan came to join us and we left at 11pm.. Was there from 2 pm till 11pm.

In Kim Garry

The peanut butter bread

The beef bake cheese rice

Siew Mei- She is leaving back to her hometown already.. Sob Sob

Of course that is me!!!

The 2 of us.. Siew Mei was also my group mate for my consumer behavior assignment

Then we went to shop till about 7pm where we then headed to sweet chat to eat snacks..

The name of the shop...

Me in Sweet Chat

Siew Mei in Sweet Chat

Durian Pancake..

Those who like to eat Durian, you can give it a try.. Is nice...

Bur Bur Cha Cha

After that, we continue shopping while waiting for my other friend to come.. She is also my group members for the consumer behavior subject too..She arrived about 8.40pm and we shop together for a while till about 9.30p.m and then headed for dinner

In Chilli's

Siew Mei, will miss you.. Will come visit you in Sarawak... Hehe.. Thanks for everything.. Take care dear!!!


Simon Seow said...

Hi Christine, you got class tomorrow? I'm working morning tomorrow. Wanna have lunch? I want my toothbrush :p

Christine said...

Simon Seow- Haha.. I dont have class tomorrow.. Am having my 3 months break already.. Am coming down this week or next week.. Will let u know and i will try to meet u up.. :).. How many weeks will you be working morning shift?? U will definitely get your toothbrush.. Is a matter of when only.. Hehe

Simon Seow said...

Work morning shift until next Tuesday. 17th June.

Christine said...

Simon Seow- Ok.. I'll try to meet up with u b4 that.. :)

ShaNe said...

don worry...chan will back soonn...hahaa

Christine said...

Shane- Ehh.. Since when did u come to my blog one ar.. Haha..

Vivian said...

wahh!! i also wan the durian pancake!! hmm, must eat wen i come back ya =P

Vivian said...

oh, dun tell me the toothbrush ur talking abt is the jordan toothbrush?? LOL!!!


Christine said...

Golda- Haha.. We will go eat when u come back to KL.. So quickly come back.. And yes, I was talking about the Jordan Toothbrush.. Die lah.. Gave so many away but still got at least 5 with me still.. Haha..