Sunday, June 08, 2008

3 words but is so meaningful

Am having my 3 months break now and now am back in Penang.. Have been busy last few days as I was moving place.. That was so tiring.. Haha.. I moved everything to my cousin house first since I still haven't got the keys to my new place yet.. Results will be out in July.. Damn it.. Always around my birthday time.. Please pray for me that I passed my exams.. Thank you in advance.. LOL..

Today my cousin Gina gave birth to a baby boy at 6.23 p.m.. Congrats Gina.. The baby is so cute.. My family and I went to visit her and also to see the baby..

Euro 2008 started yesterday already.. To those who follow, enjoy watching it..

Here is a email that my friend send to me and I find it very meaningful, and I want to share it with you all.. And it only takes 3 words.

I hope you guys find it meaningful as I find this very meaningful.. Enjoy..

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