Saturday, October 20, 2007


Yes, this is a restaurant in Penang. They served good steak.. During my elder's brother birthday, we went there for dinner. I love the food there.. The name of the restaurant is very catchy too.. When the restaurant was newly opened, we just passed the place but didnt go in. Last year, my dad said wanted to try the food here since his friend recommended him. I totally forgot about the name of this restaurant till my dad was telling us that we will be going to no eye deer to eat. In my mind was like "No Idea".. Where is that place.. When i reached, I was like "OH!!! NO EYE DEER!!! Haha.. So till today, every time my parents ask us what we want to eat, our normal answer is NO IDEA.. And sometimes they thought that we wanted to go eat the steak here.. Haha.. But we were saying NO IDEA means up to you all..

But the food is delicious.. I would sometimes missed the food there especially went I feel like eating Steak.. The food is not that expensive compare to eating steak in KL..

Therefore, on September 2007, we went there to have dinner to celebrate my elder brother's birthday and as usual, I'll order the same food.

That's it about no eye deer restaurant located in Prima Tanjong, opposite Island Plaza



My younger brother enjoying his food

My elder brother

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Jordan's Portable Toothbrush- HELP University College

Dear friends,

HELP is joining a competition among other universities in selling Jordan's toothbrush. Those interested, pls email me:

The pictures is attached below.

Package includes:
1x Compact case
1x Toothbrush
1x Toothpick
2x Tooth gel

Foldable Toothbrush
Minimized size of storage compartments

Soft Bristles
Optimal sensation of cleanliness

Soft Rubber Pad
Gently polish the surface of the teeth and prevent hard brushing

Effectively remove Plague & Food particles

Concentrated Toothgel

Quality formulation to enhance cleanliness and promote fresh breath

Why Jordan?

* Trusted brand for over 150 years
* Presence in more than 100 countries
* An innovative and quality product from Norway
* Numerous Quality & Design Awards for excellence. Visit:
* Peri-Dent Ltd - leading producer of dental floss

The first portable oral kit from Jordan* in Malaysia. This innovative 3 in 1 oral kit by Jordan* creates a new trend in oral care. Jordan* makes brushing teeth easier anywhere anytime. It is compact and light, simply convenient, that's why with Jordan, you are always on the go - "Jordan* GO!" You will love it!! It being a small sized, you could just chuck into your luggage or even carry it with you everyday that you wouldn't notice it even it is in your pocket. It is designed for traveling purpose, dining, and dating. Well, you might need it for emergency Kiss at times rite?

In addition, this new product is very affordable..!!!

As for the toothbrush, they are designed differently from the normal brush. It is equipped with a rubber pad as a part of the brush to protect the teeth for exaggerated use. The whole process of brushing the teeth can be done with one hand and without laying the product down on the sink.

The tooth gel is different from the toothpaste, why? The fact is, the Jordan tooth gel is concentrated, which means you dont need to use that much like how you always use when you use toothpaste, such as Darlie, Colgate that are in the market. You only need to put a small amount at that small rubber part in the middle of the brush and IT IS ENOUGH! Using Jordan Gel protects your teeth and keep you refreshed all day long. Just one tear drop will do the trick!

INTRODUCTION PRICE: RM15.90 ONLY- Part of it will be given to charity-A girl from HELP UNIVERSITY COLLEGE who is suffering from Leukemia!!!

We are selling this product at better rate than other retailers like Watson and Guardian and on top of that, we'll be giving customers free Jordan premium gift!! In the goodie bag, we have door hangers, car signage, Magazine, sunway lagoon vouchers, RM100 catering vouchers and so much more..!!! (1 unit purchased eligible to 1 premium bag only)

Those interested please email me to let me know how many you all need and what colours you guys want.

On behalf of the leukemia girl, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your kindness. On behalf of all of us who are helping HELP team to win this competition, we would also like to thank you all for all your support.

Monday, October 01, 2007

What is happening to me???

I really don't know what happened to me.. I feel so depressed and sick.. Is only been 4th week and I have been feeling depressed and moody.. I don't know what is going on with me.. Am I sick till I feel my body is tired or have I been going through all the suffering of the chinese medical treatment and also getting sick at the same time.. I really don't know.. Or I just feel like things are going against me.. Or am I just feeling lonely staying alone here.. Sometimes when things don't go well, I really hope someone is there for me.. I hope my parents are in KL with me.. I hope I can stay calm and be independent.. But, I don't know why am I feeling so depressed and lonely.. I know I know.. I shouldn't be feeling this way, but I really can't help it.. My body is weak, I don't have appetite to eat, my throat is so painful, I have bad headache and I CANT SLEEP!!! Besides all this, I need to act ok in uni, I need to attend classes even though am sick, and every week, there are so many discussion and work to do.. I don't know why, but I hardly get depression, and if i do, I usually able to go through it.. because I have close friends around me.. But I feel this time is worst then what happen last time.. I don't know why and what happened to me.. I just can't wait for the time I graduate.. am mentally and psychically tired... my body is not the same like last time.. The doctor telling me I need plenty of rest, but yet, either I cant sleep or I have work to do.. Every week, tutorial presentation with groups are already making me busy.. Although usually I wont complaint about it and I usually able to cope, but I don't know why am complaining now.. On conclusion, I know am just depressed..

I HAVE TO BRING MYSELF UP!!!! But sometimes, I just want to have a peace of mind, without ppl finding fault or finding ways to hurt you... I guess am feeling this way cos things haven't been going well for me since I got sick.. But no matter how I feel now, I hope I will be ok soon.. It might takes few days or a week plus.. But I can't let it go longer than that.. I mentally must be strong, is only 1 year more.. and time passes very fast, so I can do it.. and I will do it, no matter what it takes.. but my health will come first before anything elsee..

To those who is reading this, pls keep this confidential. I don't want anyone of my aunties, uncles, parents to know how am feeling now..

I wasn't suppose to post about it, but I just want to try whether if I type how I feel here, I might feel better... Anyways, this blog is for me to type all my emotions, my ups and downs in life and so on..

That's it for now.. Thank you to those who have been with me since I feel depressed and lonely..

Love you all...