Saturday, August 23, 2008

My Beloved Grandma!!! RIP Ahma!!!

As most of you know that my grandma had passed away peacefully on Tuesday, 19 August 2008 at 6pm. Yes, I am still sad and shock that I had lost 2 of my beloved grandparents in less than 4 months. Is really hard to take the fact that the 2 person I really loved and have taken care of me since my childhoods day had leave this world. Am still feeling distraught with the whole event that had taken place in the last 4 months.. I really missed my grandma.. As most of my friends know that I am very closed to my grandma because she only stayed above my floor.. I stay in 6th floor and my grandma stay is 7th floor.. When I was younger, I used to sleep over my grandma house with Celina, Gavin (my younger brother) and play around and my grandma always prepared breakfast for us when we wake up.. I remember her preparing bread with jammed and a cup of Nescafe coffee.. Whatever we want to eat, she will prepared for us.. We also always go up and play with my other cousins.. We will play hide and seek and other games.. My grandma always cooks good food for us to eat, and I will miss all her food that she had always prepared for us since young till she got sick.. I will miss her hot kuay, bak chang, most of the nyonya food, and also the century porridge.. I now love to eat century porridge is because of my grandma who cook yummy century porridge for us to eat.. Whenever and whatever I want to eat, she will prepared for us.. Grandma, had always loved all of us equally.. She always remembers when is her grandchildren's birthday and will give us ang pow without fail.. Even this year, even though my grandma was sick, she still remembers my birthday.. Ahma, am so going to miss you... I know sometimes you were over worried about us and sometimes we dont understand, but i know whatever u told me, is what you are worried that it mite happen to me.. Ahma, don't worry about me, I will remembered what you say and I will take care of myself..

Am so going to miss you Ahma, I wouldn't be able to speak mandarin to you anymore, I wouldn't be able to go up to your place and see u again, I can't go up and she see u watching tv or sleeping on the bed anymore, I can't see you talking happily when everyone is there with you.. Ahma, you have always been there and always buy me what I want.. The computer u gave me when i first moved down to KL to study.. When u know that i will be buying my own computer, without hesitation you willingly gave me money to buy the computer.. when my younger brother needed a computer, u also bought it for him..

I watched TVB when I was young till now is because u taught me how to watch.. You always watch TVB dramas and will tell me the story line.. You always tape for me when I wanted to watch certain dramas but sometimes am too busy to follow the series, and you always tape for me without fail.. U remembered without me reminding you.. I used to watch TVB dramas so that I can talk to you on the dramas.. and now I am interested in watching TVB dramas even if you hardly watch after you got sick..

I know now you have left all of us and I know you are in a better place now.. I know that you wouldn't need to suffer any longer.. Is a relieved to you but is a big lost to all of us.. I will always remember that you were a fighter.. You never gave up no matter what.. Am so sorry that some of the wish i couldn't fulfill it.. I regret not being able to see you and watch the Olympics with you when you were discharged from the hospital.. Life is so unpredictable.. You were recovering so well after the blood clog and I took it for granted that you have recovered and was planning to come see you on monday after my work... But sadly you got sick on that day and I couldn't see you and you had passed away the following day.. I know that my grandma had passed away peacefully and I should be happy for her as she does not need to suffer anymore, but is still takes time to heal the pain and this is even worst when I had already lost my beloved grandpa only few months ago and now I have to take another fact that my other beloved grandma had also passed away. But I know I will be ok soon.. coz I know you won't want me to be unhappy.. Even though am emotionally down, I am glad that you do not need to suffer with the pain anymore for the pass 2 years and also the pain you had to go thru the last 2 and the half weeks in the hospital.. It really hurts me seeing you suffer when you were admitted to the hospital..I also know that you are now in a better place..

I will definitely miss you everytime I come back to Penang, or even when am watching dramas.. The habit of going up to see you everytime am free and watching dramas with you will now be in my memories as I wouldn't have a chance to do it again with you...

Life wouldn't be the same anymore. I wonder what will it be during next year CNY where u wont be there anymore.. Since u got stroke 2 years ago, u couldn't cook anymore, but u still take the trouble to instruct someone to help u cook. This coming CNY there won't be the food that you always cooked for us anymore.. We sure going to miss all the things you have done for us.. but I know that you weren't the same happy person after you got a stroke and couldn't walk anymore.. So am glad u do not need to suffer any longer..

Less than 4 months, both of my beloved grandparents had passed away.. I wouldn't be able to forget you, but I will have to stay strong to continue my life.. All the memories will always be in my heart.

I couldn't let both of you to see my graduation.. I know you always can't wait for me to graduate and see my graduation photos, but now I can't show it to you.. However, even your not here to see me graduate, I know you all will be happy for me..

Thanks Ahma for everything.. I will always remembered all the happy memories with you.. Love you lots, and am so going to miss you.. But I will stay strong as I know you wouldn't want to see me being unhappy and sad... I love you always..


Before I stop, this is a picture of my grandma...

In Memory of My Beloved Grandma..

Picture taken when we went out to eat in Penang Sport Club

Goodbye Ahma.. We will always miss you!!!

Thank you to all my friends who had been there during this difficult moment in my life. Thank you Phei Shan for calling me and coming to see me and paying the last respect to my grandma. Thank you Wye Ling and Shari-Ann for making sure I was ok.. Thank you so much to my admin staffs Kak Les. Thank you to Kak Les for her advice and being there for me. Thank you Ieta, for your sms and also being worry about me. Thank you Sherlin for being there for me even you are in New Zealand. Thank you Golda for worrying about me and talked to me on msn. Even though I only know them for a short time, they were always there for me. Thank you to all my friends who had sms and msn me when they knew about it {u know who you are.. :)}Thank you Timothy Tiah aka Ewe Tiam for calling me on the day u know the news. and also not forgetting my blogger readers for there messages. Thank you Jean Ai and Jean Mei for their messages too..Thank you so much for all our condolences and being there for me.. Thank you so much all of you.. I really appreciate it a lot.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Rest In Peace My Beloved Grandma!!!

Just a very short note:

My Grandma passed away today, Tuesday, 19 August 2008 at 6pm. Rest In Peace Ahma..
I really miss you and thank you for everything u have done for us.. I really love you..

Monday, August 18, 2008

The Most Painful and Sad 2 weeks for Me and my family...

Am so sorry for the lack of post for the last whole month.. Have been really busy.. In this one whole month, my life have been like a roller coaster. Some of the occasions makes me very happy and some of them makes me cry a lot. I was also very busy working and some of you might already know that my GRANDMA condition is very bad.. In the last 2 weeks, I cried so much. My grandma was admitted to the hospital the first time on Friday, and the doctor was letting us know that her condition is very critical and she could passed away anytime and ask us to be there and also get the other family members to come back if possible.. So that time, when I heard the news, everyone was crying and I cried so much.. As you guys might already know i just lose my beloved grandpa few months ago only and now my grandma.. When she was admitted on the first day, I just got back from work, so you guessed how tired I was.. but instead of feeling tired, i was only thinking about my grandma condition. We were there till 12.30am to 1 am, and the nurse told us that the doctor says that the medication was working on my grandma and now her situation is stable. Therefore, she told us to go back and if there was anything, she will called us. So all of us went back home. But as already expected, we all couldn't sleep.. was scared the phone rings and so on.. After few days in ICU, her condition improved and she was transferred to HDU for a day then to the ward for a day.. We went to visit her everyday after work.. The air-con was freezing cold and i felt sick after that.. On the day of the Olympics 08-08-08 she was discharged from the hospital. So everyone was happy that she recovered. Since I got sick, I didn't want to passed the sickness to her, I didnt go up and see her.. which is what i regret so much.. coz i really didn't expect that she will be re-admitted to the hospital in less than 3 days. I was planning to see her on monday but it was too late..

On monday morning, abt 9.20am she was again admitted to the hospital.. It was another total shock to me.. I was already awake getting ready to work when my mum told me about it.. Mum ask me to go to work since the doctor is checking on her and even if am there, I can't do anything, plus it was unexpected and i was the only one in the counter.. So I went to work, but I wasn't in the mood.. When my best friend came to work, I started hugging her and told her what happened.. I already started crying again.. and it took me so long to stop crying and for me to register what happen.. Thank god at that hour, nobody needed to used the changing room, so I was in there till I was ok.. Then I continue working and waiting for my parents to keep me updated.. I called my full time to stand by just in case I had to go off anytime soon to the hospital.. Anyways, after that, i was much better and I work till 1pm then went for lunch with my friend. When I was about to punch in to work again, my mum called and told me that she is fetching me up now and going straight to the hospital. Yes, and my grandma condition again was critical, this time brain hemerage.. and they cannot operate due to my grandma condition.. So again, doc told us condition is critical.. So again, I couldn't stop myself from crying.. I just couldn't control myself.. of coz i wasn't the only one crying lah.. but I know that I rather hope that my grandma goes of peacefully better than for her to go through all the suffering.. Everytime when I see her, tears flow.. However until now, her condition is very bad and she is suffering so much.. I really cant bare seeing her like that.. She was in the ICU till today and now she is transferred to the 2 bedded ward.. However, her condition is still the same.. Her eyes is open and close, but she couldn't response to us at all.. besides that, there are so many tubes and it is really scary and painful to even see how much pain she is going through.. The first 2 nites I couldn't even sleep coz when I closed my eyes, I see her face and the pain she is going thru.. My cousins from Singapore even fly back on the same day she was admitted again..

On that day, I told my colleague that I was quitting coz I don't know wat will happened to my grandma and I didn't want to last minute tell them that I am not coming.. My last day was supposed to be on wed the same week.. which means only 2 days to go..On the first two days, we were in the hospital almost the whole day..

And can u even imagined what else happened. On Sunday morning at 1.40am, my ex-principal Mr. Tan Har Yong passed away due to heart attack. In the afternoon on Sunday, one of my ex-teacher from Sri Inai, called me up when I was working. I answered the call and to convey the bad news to me.. When she told me, I was telling wye ling at the same time, and we were both in total shock.. Coincidentally, when I was on the phone, the customer heard that I was talking about Mr. Tan and i was surprise that they actually know him.. So they told me and ling more about the situation and when and where is the wake service and also the funeral.. The funeral was on Thursday, 10am. On that day, we planned to go to the wake service to pay our last respect to him on Monday at 8.30pm.. So imagined in the morning when I know about my grandma situation, I was already planning to either go another day or I couldnt go at all.. But I remembered that in ICU, from 8.30pm till 9.45 pm. we cannot go in to see her, so I decided I'll just go and pay my last respect and then come back to the hospital again and that is what i did.. At 7.30pm, i went back home to shower and changed coz i was still in my working clothes.. then went to the church with Phei Shan, Wye Ling, Audrey and Me.. After that, we went to eat coz i didnt had dinner yet.. Then Phei Shan drop me back to the hospital and we all left the hospital at 12am.. Imagined how exhausted I was, but I still couldnt sleep

On tuesday night, I decided to call my colleague and ask her whether she still needs someone to help her. I was planning to go back to work on Wednesday since it was supposed to me my last day and I also wanted to distract myself from thinking so much about my grandma.. So yes, I went back to work on Wednesday and at 6pm, I officially bid all of them goodbye.. Hehe.. LOL

Working was ACTUALLY FUN but Tiring.. It was really fun working together with Wye Ling, Candy (VR) and Siew Lay and Me in (Exercutive).. we were next to each other only.. LOL...

Sorry for such a long wordy post.

P/S- There will definitely be typo mistakes, spelling mistakes or others. Sorry.. I was typing this based on my feelings...

Thank you guys who have been with me during this time..

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Not Gold But Still A Silver for Malaysia!!!

I bet everyone in Malaysia was watching the Olympics Badminton Men Single Final between Lin Dan from China and Lee Chong Wei..I bet everyone was praying and hopping that Malaysia will win the Gold Medal.. Unfortunately Lee Chong Wei lost the match in straight set. However, even though he didn't get a GOLD MEDAL that Malaysians are hopping for but I am sure everyone is still PROUD OF HIM.. He still got a SILVER Medal for Malaysia anyways.. He already tried his best but he still couldn't win Lin Dan. Lee Chong Wei had already make history for Malaysia..

The picture of the match he won in the Semi Finals

and Lin Dan during today's match

Past History

Atlanta (1996)- Rashid Sidek took the bronze in the men’s singles and Cheah Soon Kit-Yap Kim Hock won the silver for the men’s doubles.

Barcelona, Spain (1992) when Rashid’s brothers Razif and Jailani won a bronze in the men’s doubles for Malaysia’s first Olympic medal.

After such a long time, Finally we have won a silver in Men's single. Malaysia haven't won a Silver yet for Men's Single and Lee Chong Wei had finally make it.

It is still good although we all wish that he was able to get the FIRST GOLD MEDAL for Malaysia but Malaysians are still proud of you.. Thank you Chong Wei for bringing at least a silver medal back..

Picture taken from Berita Harian..

Lee Chong Wei and His Coach.. Taken from The Star