Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Why shouldn't put dry ice in your car!!!

This is taken from the email that one of my friend send to me.. Just wanted to warn you all incase my dear readers are not aware of this.. Not sure whether this is true.. But is better for all of you to be aware of it.. If you are in this situation, at least you all know what to do... Hehe..
And since am doing Ice-cream assignment and blogging about ice-cream, why not post some facts abt ice-cream!! Haha

Remember this especially when we buy lots of ice cream during Baskin Robbins 31st day offer!!! They normally put dry ice in your ice cream pack if you buy a lot.

A friend bought four pack of ice cream and to prevent it from melting, the seller put the dry ice amongst the ice cream. My friend put it at the back seat (not the back of the car) and he started to drive with the windows closed and the aircon on (as what we all do). Soon after that, he had difficulty to breath and it was getting worser by minutes. Luckily, he was in a traffic jam and when he almost fainted, beside him was an ambulance. He dragged himself to the ambulance and got the oxygen treatment. He was getting better on the way to the hospital.

The ambulance officer drove his car to the hospital and he had the same experience. However, before his condition worsen, he opened up the window and he can breathe easily. Only later, when my friend has returned to office and told his colleagues about his story, they
pointed to him that the dry ice was the problem. WHY?

Dry ice was made of CO2 and when it "melts", it becomes CO2 gas straight away without leaving any wet mark (that is why it is called dry ice). CO2 is easier to be tied up in our blood and thus, when the dry ice sublimes into CO2 gas, it fills the car room with it along with the air con circulation and caused CO2 poisoning. So, dont put the dry ice inside your car if you are using aircon with fully closed windows. You must leave the windows open for such situation.

Hope this will help to prevent any fatality just from a small negligence like this. Imagine if you have your children inside, they might be the first victim.


Lecka-Lecka Restaurant in Bukit Bintang Outside Starhill

Hi dear readers,

Where to you guys think Lecka-Lecka is from?? Where is it origin from?? Hahaha

Just seeing how many people actually know where is it from?? LOL

Take care and will update soon!!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Hahaha.. Am so happy.. Don't know why am craving so badly for big apple donuts... So just now, i went out with my friend for dinner.. yes, we left house to curve and reach around 9 pm.. And I didn't realized it.. Haha.. So we went for dinner and I ate so slow today.. and I didn't realized that it was already 10.15 when i finished eating.. I was like OOOHHHH NOOOOOOO!!! I can't eat my big apple donuts de.. Errr.. and my friend was like.. Haha.. But I went to try my luck and see whether am lucky enough.. and when i saw they were almost clearing, i ran and ask whether they are still open.. And yay they say yes.. but they told me there is only a few flavors left and I was so lucky that they have my favourite.. the Cheese donuts... Yay.. I was like a small kid getting to buy my donuts.. Hahaha.. I was the last customer that was lucky to get that.. the other customer who came 2 minutes later, don't have choices de.. only 2 choices left only.. Am so happy... Yayy!!! And now am enjoying eating it.. yummmyyyy... 'Jumping with joy'

YUMMMYYYY!!! MY 3 cheese donuts... :)

Now, I have to get back to my assignment.. Hmpphhh... Take care all of you!!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008


This is the short interview with the marketing manager of New Zealand Natural about Nuffnang

Marketing Manager: We do blogging as well. We have website banners as we just launched last Monday. So, these are banners you see on local bloggers and in a week to come, we will be getting the bloggers to come and to experience our product and wrote about it.(Nuffnang). We have 30:30 which is 30% on 30th of every month. It is something that we should every proud of but that has to grow a lot because a lot of people still doesn’t know about the 30:30. We also come out with another re-branding access with 30:30 which will involve coming out with the banners as in websites, local stores banners

So, I bet most of you already knew there is an advertisement about NZN on some of the bloggers blog..

Friday, April 25, 2008

More Pictures on Dad's Birthday!!!

Sorry my dear readers,

I was supposed to upload more pictures on my dad's birthday but i was too busy.. I will upload more pictures now although it has been almost a month since we celebrated his birthday.. Hahaha..

Dad so happy!!!

Dad is really enjoying himself!!!

Dad cutting cake!!!

My grandma!!!

Jee Shek and my dad!!!

Jee Sim, Jee Chek and Dad!!!

Jee Sim, Jee Chek, Tina and Dad!!!

My dad and my lil brother.. I miss them so much!!!

Me, Dad and Lil Brother giving dad a small present!!!

My lil cute cousin- Hann Lynn

My cute lil brother and lil cousin

Another shot!!!

My lil cheeky brother bullying her.. Haha

All my dad's birthday gifts!!!

Dad opening our pressie!!!

There you go.. A small pen with Happy birthday dad there..

And a card...

Dad reading the card!!! Hahaha

My lil brother taking every shot of the card.. :P

Dad other gift from sa chek!!!

All dad' s pressie!!!

That's it on dad's birthday picture. Besides dad birthday, it was also my dad and my mum anniversary..

I miss my dad so much.. I miss my younger brother.. I want to go back to Penang... haven't been back since 2 months back de i guess.. Isshh.. Come to KL, dad and my lil brother.. Love you all alot.. :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Lecka-Lecka and a damn tiring week!!!

Dear readers

So sorry for not updating for some time de.. Have been very busy last whole week and this whole week till 5 of May 2008 de..

A short update

Friday- Went to Bukit Bintang outside Starhill after uni at abt 5 pm, and was stuck in the jammed till 7.30pm.. DAMN the jammed.. When we reach, i was damn hungry so me and one of my group mate order something from Lecka-Lecka which was so expensive.. Issshh.. Then when we wanted to order Milkshake, the waiter inform us that there is no gelato... I was like issshh, then i can't do the questionnaires.. DAMN IT!!! But was too hungry so we continue with the order and started talking and discussing in Lecka-Lecka.. After abt 9 something pm, we all left.. What a waste of time and money... Sob sob

Saturday- Woke up early, prepared my stuff and at abt 2pm, left house to Lecka-Lecka in Cineleisure.. Was there till 7.30pm to distribute the questionnaires.. DAMN tiring.. There is no place for us to seat, so we had to stand up for so many hours.. Isshh.. Then after we were done, my group members and I went to IKANO power centre to eat Steamboat.. After dinner, we all left, and I went to meet my friends in Cineleisure and then all 3 of us went to dessert bar for dessert to support my cousin.. So Full and what a tiring day..

Sunday- Went to my friends graduation at 12pm till abt 5.30pm. It was raining so heavily, so had to wait till the rain stop, then took a teksi from Shangri-la to Lot 10.. went for an early dinner and walk around. Waited for my friend to reach at 8pm. Teman my friend to eat first before we went to Lecka-Lecka. We went there again because we couldnt do it on friday. was there till 2am. reach home abt 2.30am and shower and only fell asleep at 5am. Another tiring day!

Monday- woke up at 9.30am, and went to uni at 10.30am till 5.30 pm...

Tuesday- Today, after class we went to Mont Kiara Lecka-Lecka from 3pm till 7.30pm.. came home with all my group members and do more work... Sob Sob

That's what I do the last whole week.... will update more soon, if am a bit free... hahaha

Monday, April 14, 2008

Take some care while working

I received this mail from my friend and I think I should share with you guys in case some of you might not have known about this yet. And also it is easier to blog about it then email to all.. LOL.. For those who have, no harm to see it again right!!! LOL..

hands---take some care while working

Correct Postures

Here are some correct postures which should be used while using a computer to reduce stress and other ill effects.

Long term repetitive action stress can lead to Carpal Tunnel.
You could end up going under a surgery that looks like this:

Follow the simple exercises:
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Manual therapy
Exercises for relief from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Exercise 1 - Wrist Flexion Bend the hand being exercised backward (palm away from you ), as shown in the photos. With the fingers of the other hand, apply pressure.

Exercise 2 - Wrist Extension Bend the hand being exercised forward ( palm toward you ), as shown in the photos. With the fingers of the other hand, apply pressure.

Exercises 3 and 4 are similar to 1 and 2 except that an object, such as a pad provides the resistance to the hand, instead of your other hand.

Exercise 3 - Wrist Flexion against surface With your arm held vertically, press your hand, palm down, on a firm surface, as shown in the photo..

Exercise 4 - Wrist Extension against surface With your arm held vertically, press your hand, palm up, on a firm surface, as shown in the photo.

Exercises 5 and 6 involve the side to side range of motion of the hand.

Exercise 5 - (Radial Deviation) Place your hand palm downward. Grasp the fingers of the hand to be exercised with your other hand (as shown in the photo) and twist the hand toward you. Keep the hand horizontal.

Credits to whoever who wrote the email for this... LOL..

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Nuffnang and New Zealand Natural!!! LOL

Yesterday, after our interview with the New Zealand Natural manager in the morning, we went to KLCC for the PC fair with all my group mates. We wanted to enjoy ourself for a day since we had a busy schedule last 2 weeks and will be busy again tomorrow onwards.. The interview went on well and also Nuffnang name was mention once.. Haha.. Nuffnang is getting famous... LOL... although they are already famous.. LOL!!! So after finishing our interview, we all headed to KLCC.. Went for lunch in the food court. Met my best friend, wye ling up too.. Then all of us head to the PC fair.. Haha.. Didn't plan to buy anything but then I ended up buying a MP3 samsung for RM 170.. I wanted to buy a recorder for 1 to 2 years de.. and usually I was like forget it.. But now since we need it for recording purpose, I decided to get it. Somemore can hear music.. although it will be very seldom.. Haha.. I didn't want to my friend to always 'pinjam' me.. LOL...

After that, we went for a drink and then lepak around till 7pm before one of my friend left. The other friend went for a movie and me and wye ling went for dinner.. Then I took a LRT from KLCC to Taman Bahagia, while wye ling took back to her own place.. This whole week I was super exhausted yet yesterday although I was very tired, it was fun.. LOL

New Zealand Natural should give me their advertisement on my blog.. HAHAHA!!!

MP3 player...

New Zealand Natural Ice-Cream

Chocalate Estasy is the best seller Ice-Cream for NZN!!! I haven't upload the chocolate Estasy Ice-Cream that we bought

The Mango Flavor is also nice.. For Durian lovers, Durian Flo is good.. I didn't take picture for the durian flavor.