Sunday, April 27, 2008


This is the short interview with the marketing manager of New Zealand Natural about Nuffnang

Marketing Manager: We do blogging as well. We have website banners as we just launched last Monday. So, these are banners you see on local bloggers and in a week to come, we will be getting the bloggers to come and to experience our product and wrote about it.(Nuffnang). We have 30:30 which is 30% on 30th of every month. It is something that we should every proud of but that has to grow a lot because a lot of people still doesn’t know about the 30:30. We also come out with another re-branding access with 30:30 which will involve coming out with the banners as in websites, local stores banners

So, I bet most of you already knew there is an advertisement about NZN on some of the bloggers blog..


~YM~ said...

eh? got reviews ah? never see them also de..hmmm..

Christine said...

ym- Nice to see you here.. The reviews ar? Not yet I think. When I interview him that time, they haven't started yet.. Not sure when.. Didn't ask further.. Haha.. Sorry

Simon Seow said...

Are you doing internship in Nuffnang?

Christine said...

Simon Seow- Noo.. Why?? Hahaha.. Looks like am promoting them is it?? Haha