Friday, April 25, 2008

More Pictures on Dad's Birthday!!!

Sorry my dear readers,

I was supposed to upload more pictures on my dad's birthday but i was too busy.. I will upload more pictures now although it has been almost a month since we celebrated his birthday.. Hahaha..

Dad so happy!!!

Dad is really enjoying himself!!!

Dad cutting cake!!!

My grandma!!!

Jee Shek and my dad!!!

Jee Sim, Jee Chek and Dad!!!

Jee Sim, Jee Chek, Tina and Dad!!!

My dad and my lil brother.. I miss them so much!!!

Me, Dad and Lil Brother giving dad a small present!!!

My lil cute cousin- Hann Lynn

My cute lil brother and lil cousin

Another shot!!!

My lil cheeky brother bullying her.. Haha

All my dad's birthday gifts!!!

Dad opening our pressie!!!

There you go.. A small pen with Happy birthday dad there..

And a card...

Dad reading the card!!! Hahaha

My lil brother taking every shot of the card.. :P

Dad other gift from sa chek!!!

All dad' s pressie!!!

That's it on dad's birthday picture. Besides dad birthday, it was also my dad and my mum anniversary..

I miss my dad so much.. I miss my younger brother.. I want to go back to Penang... haven't been back since 2 months back de i guess.. Isshh.. Come to KL, dad and my lil brother.. Love you all alot.. :)

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