Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Lecka-Lecka and a damn tiring week!!!

Dear readers

So sorry for not updating for some time de.. Have been very busy last whole week and this whole week till 5 of May 2008 de..

A short update

Friday- Went to Bukit Bintang outside Starhill after uni at abt 5 pm, and was stuck in the jammed till 7.30pm.. DAMN the jammed.. When we reach, i was damn hungry so me and one of my group mate order something from Lecka-Lecka which was so expensive.. Issshh.. Then when we wanted to order Milkshake, the waiter inform us that there is no gelato... I was like issshh, then i can't do the questionnaires.. DAMN IT!!! But was too hungry so we continue with the order and started talking and discussing in Lecka-Lecka.. After abt 9 something pm, we all left.. What a waste of time and money... Sob sob

Saturday- Woke up early, prepared my stuff and at abt 2pm, left house to Lecka-Lecka in Cineleisure.. Was there till 7.30pm to distribute the questionnaires.. DAMN tiring.. There is no place for us to seat, so we had to stand up for so many hours.. Isshh.. Then after we were done, my group members and I went to IKANO power centre to eat Steamboat.. After dinner, we all left, and I went to meet my friends in Cineleisure and then all 3 of us went to dessert bar for dessert to support my cousin.. So Full and what a tiring day..

Sunday- Went to my friends graduation at 12pm till abt 5.30pm. It was raining so heavily, so had to wait till the rain stop, then took a teksi from Shangri-la to Lot 10.. went for an early dinner and walk around. Waited for my friend to reach at 8pm. Teman my friend to eat first before we went to Lecka-Lecka. We went there again because we couldnt do it on friday. was there till 2am. reach home abt 2.30am and shower and only fell asleep at 5am. Another tiring day!

Monday- woke up at 9.30am, and went to uni at 10.30am till 5.30 pm...

Tuesday- Today, after class we went to Mont Kiara Lecka-Lecka from 3pm till 7.30pm.. came home with all my group members and do more work... Sob Sob

That's what I do the last whole week.... will update more soon, if am a bit free... hahaha


~An9eL~ said...

Hi! Thanks for your wish :)
Funny how a stranger's words can be so touching. Do visit again!


Christine said...

An9el: Hi angel, thank you for visiting my blog too.. Hope to see you more often here too!!!