Monday, April 14, 2008

Take some care while working

I received this mail from my friend and I think I should share with you guys in case some of you might not have known about this yet. And also it is easier to blog about it then email to all.. LOL.. For those who have, no harm to see it again right!!! LOL..

hands---take some care while working

Correct Postures

Here are some correct postures which should be used while using a computer to reduce stress and other ill effects.

Long term repetitive action stress can lead to Carpal Tunnel.
You could end up going under a surgery that looks like this:

Follow the simple exercises:
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Manual therapy
Exercises for relief from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Exercise 1 - Wrist Flexion Bend the hand being exercised backward (palm away from you ), as shown in the photos. With the fingers of the other hand, apply pressure.

Exercise 2 - Wrist Extension Bend the hand being exercised forward ( palm toward you ), as shown in the photos. With the fingers of the other hand, apply pressure.

Exercises 3 and 4 are similar to 1 and 2 except that an object, such as a pad provides the resistance to the hand, instead of your other hand.

Exercise 3 - Wrist Flexion against surface With your arm held vertically, press your hand, palm down, on a firm surface, as shown in the photo..

Exercise 4 - Wrist Extension against surface With your arm held vertically, press your hand, palm up, on a firm surface, as shown in the photo.

Exercises 5 and 6 involve the side to side range of motion of the hand.

Exercise 5 - (Radial Deviation) Place your hand palm downward. Grasp the fingers of the hand to be exercised with your other hand (as shown in the photo) and twist the hand toward you. Keep the hand horizontal.

Credits to whoever who wrote the email for this... LOL..


serene said...

fren, got any exercise to increase brain cells and make ppl smarter? dun kiamsiap ya,share la, help's top student..make me usm top student aso ma..i wont challenge u nothing compared to sifu, pls teach me :)

Christine said...

Serene- If got, I also will do the exercise already loh.. my brain cells are dying and I am not smart ok.. I smart I long time don't need to stress so much with my assignments, work and exams here already loh.. U challenge me?? I can't even challenge u.. not same league also. U so much smarter than me.. Haha.. I have to call u sifu instead lah.. :)

serene said...

ur brain cells dying?? u can afford it..u hav alot of it!! n it keeps dun hav much brain where dare to challenge u..scared lose til pants drop on the floor! so sifu, what is the great secret? pls pls i really need it!

Christine said...

Serene- Wow, since when ar?? That you have to ask those really smart people de.. I tak layak to me one of them.. You ask Doreen lah.. She should know, not me.. she is my sifu also.. In KL and taking such a difficult course and also in public uni.. Hahaha.. Tak boleh menang her lah.. u also lah.. :)

serene said...

so ur not REALLY smart..means ur just smart nia la? still qualify hehehe. u sure wont win me wan...IF u give chance let me win..purposely lose loh for my sake. but then if u challenge me..i wil be way behind u wan.definetly. see, u ady fly to kl, leave me still stuck here XS