Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I Love Nuffnang and Innit!!! Especially the readers..

Wow!!! I didnt know that I will be able to get so many visitors from my latest post... Hehe.. Sorry am excited because it had been ages since I last had so many visitors visiting my blog.. Hahaha.. Although for many many people, this is not alot, but for me is alot at 41.. Hahaha.. Yesterday after i posted my statistic when up to 38.. Lol.. Am not so ambitious like others but am satisfied... HEHE :P. This post is actually dedicated to THANK ALL INNIT MEMBERS AND NUFFNANG who had supported me and visited my blog... I really appreciate it!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Hehehe.. Thank you Nuffnang!!! I recently just receive a cheque from Nuffnang.. Although is little, but am still happy... =) Sorry, didnt have the photo to show you all cause my dad already bank it for me before I even had a chance to ask him to take a photo.. Hahahaha.. So will have to wait for the next cheque before i can blog about it.. Nevertheless, am still happy... =) Thank you all!!!

I don't usually blog about this but I think is time for me to blog about it for once to Thank everyone to had supported me by reading my blog and commenting on it.. Please note, I do not get any benefit from Nuffnang or whatever benefit from this post.. This post is only suppose to only Thanked everyone of you!!! Thanks and All the best to you guys too!!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Finally Lee Chong Wei Won!!!

Finally... Lee Chong Wei won Li Dan in the Japan Open 2010.. It was a great day for Lee Chong Wei after losing so many times to Li Dan... Yay!!! Pay back time.. Hahaha.. Hopefully, he can continue winning Li Dan... Unfortunately, Koo Kien Keat/Tan Boon Heong lost to Cai Yun/Fu Haifeng.. No double joy for Malaysia.. Can he continue to beat Li Dan?? That we all have to wait and see... =)

Article taken from The Star Online

Badminton: Chong Wei beats Lin Dan in Japan Super Series

KUALA LUMPUR: World number one Datuk Lee Chong Wei defeated archrival Lin Dan of China in the final of the Japan Super Series 2010 at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium, Japan Sunday.

According to www.tournamentsoftware.com Chong Wei took an hour and 22 minutes before finally overcoming Lin Dan in 22-20, 16-21, 21-17

The championship offered total prize money of US$200,000.

Lee Chong Wei of Malaysia poses during an award
ceremony after beating China's Lin Dan 2-1 in their final match to win the men's singles title at the Yonex Japan Open badminton tournament in Tokyo Sunday, Sept. 26, 2010.-AP

Meanwhile, Malaysia's top doubles pair Koo Kien Keat/Tan Boon Heong lost to Cai Yun/Fu Haifeng of China 21-18, 14-21, 12-21 in the men's doubles final.

Article from New Straits T
ime Online

Chong Wei beats Lin Dan to take Japan Open

Malaysia's Lee Chong Wei poses with his national flag after defeating China's Lin Dan in their men's single final match at the Japan Super Series 2010 badminton championships in Tokyo. Credit to Reuters.
Malaysia's Lee Chong Wei poses with his national flag after defeating China's Lin Dan in their men's single final match at the Japan Super Series 2010 badminton championships in Tokyo. Credit to Reuters.

World number one Lee Chong Wei squeezed past old foe Lin Dan of China to win the men’s singles title at the Japan Open today.

The top-seeded Malaysian, who reached the final without losing a game, needed a tough 81 minutes before scoring a 22-20, 16-21, 21-17 victory over the three-time former world champion.

In the women’s, unseeded 2002 world junior champion Jiang Yanjiao, who eliminated fellow Chinese Lu Lan and Wang Shixian on her way to the final, shocked world number one Wang Xin 23-21, 21-18 to claim the title.

“This is my second victory in the Japan Open. I targeted my goal this year to win the All England and the Japan Open, so I’m very happy that I won both of them,” said Lee.

“I couldn’t play well in the Thomas Cup and I got an injury in Paris and failed to win the world championships. Now I’m going to aim at the Commonwealth Games and the Asian Games in November.”

Lin, winner here in 2005 and 2006, used his unstoppable smashes to even the contest at one game each, hitting a sudden attack at the net at 20-16 in the second.

But Lee kept a narrow lead in the final game, and although he was close to be tied at 11-10 and 15-14, took four points in a row to lead 19-15.

Lee took a commanding 20-17 lead when Lin hit an overhead wide, and finished off the struggling Chinese with a backhand winner.

“I changed the rhythm in the final game and increased the speed of the shuttle to lead 11-7. I didn’t rush too much when I was close to be tied and tried to keep attacking at my pace,” said Lee, 27.

It was Lee’s seventh title of the season.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Cute Pandas...

Pandas are a very cute animal. I love pandas a lot.. I cannot deny the fact that pandas are cute and adorable.. I went to Hong Kong and we saw very cute panda's too.. Will update about the trip and my sleeping panda another time.. I found this cute panda's article/comics and i would like to share with you all.. So sad that the fact that we all cannot deny is that Pandas are already near extinction..Hope everyone and the government will do their part to protect this cute and adorable animal..

This article/photos are also name as "Panda Therapy".. Haha.. Is true that this article make my day feels better and brighter.. It will put a smile on you and make u happy.. There is a saying that everyone knows:- An Apple A Day Keeps the Doctor Away.. For me I come out with this saying, A Cute Panda will keep a Smile On you for A Day.. Hahaha.. Life is difficult and there are always ups and downs in life.. No matter how depressed you are, we should try to cheer ourselves up... We find different ways to cheer ourselves.. and one way that I find that can sometimes help is to see something u really like and cute that will make u laugh.. This sure make me laugh reading and looking and the panda photos.. Hope this can also make ur day better...

Super cute and adorable photo's of the pandas.. And the captions are also funny.. LOL..

Mum? Can you come and get me down now?

I'm not coming out.
You'll have to come in and get me.

Kung Fu Panda...bring it on!

On the count of three..... lift!

Does this log make my butt look fat?

Betcha can't see me.....

Oops! Slight miscalculation

You go. I'll just stay here and rest my head a little bit.

It wasn't me! I didn't steal this bamboo shoot!
It was just sitting here, I swear it!

I'll give you 2 seconds to get off me or I'm calling Mom.

paparazzi! Could we have a little privacy please?

Dear Martha Stewart:
I have this brown stain on my nice, white, fluffy butt...

Shhhh! I'm reviewing...

I cannot believe that I'm stuck in this tree again.
What is the matter with me?

I'm sure there's a way out somewhere.
I saw an ant go this way yesterday.

Forgive me Father, for I have sinned...

Panda Meditation!

Absolutely nothing accomplished.
The perfect day for a panda...

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Back from Holidays!!!

Am Back from all my holidays.. Haha.. Didnt get to update my blog coz i wasn't free.. and also of coz lazy to update when am free.. Hahaha.. 3 months of break of GREAT!!! I had lots of fun traveling.. Hehehe.. Although am tired but I enjoyed myself alot.. In 3 months I have been to Hong Kong, Macau, Taipei, Bali and JAPAN!!! Hehehe.. In between I was traveling to Penang and KL.. I just reach KL from Penang.. Came back from Japan on Wednesday night 1st Sept and was in Penang for few days before coming back to KL today... Japan was super awesome.. I really really enjoyed my trip there.. So sad time passes so fast when ur there.. had a good time with my family and my uncle's family..

I miss my KL house.. Hahaha.. I will now have to spend time to decide on what i want to do soon.. Need to go back to work already.. Hehehe...

Will update more about the trips soon.. That's it for now.. Super tired.. And hungry.. So going for dinner now.. Hahaha.. =)