Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I Love Nuffnang and Innit!!! Especially the readers..

Wow!!! I didnt know that I will be able to get so many visitors from my latest post... Hehe.. Sorry am excited because it had been ages since I last had so many visitors visiting my blog.. Hahaha.. Although for many many people, this is not alot, but for me is alot at 41.. Hahaha.. Yesterday after i posted my statistic when up to 38.. Lol.. Am not so ambitious like others but am satisfied... HEHE :P. This post is actually dedicated to THANK ALL INNIT MEMBERS AND NUFFNANG who had supported me and visited my blog... I really appreciate it!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Hehehe.. Thank you Nuffnang!!! I recently just receive a cheque from Nuffnang.. Although is little, but am still happy... =) Sorry, didnt have the photo to show you all cause my dad already bank it for me before I even had a chance to ask him to take a photo.. Hahahaha.. So will have to wait for the next cheque before i can blog about it.. Nevertheless, am still happy... =) Thank you all!!!

I don't usually blog about this but I think is time for me to blog about it for once to Thank everyone to had supported me by reading my blog and commenting on it.. Please note, I do not get any benefit from Nuffnang or whatever benefit from this post.. This post is only suppose to only Thanked everyone of you!!! Thanks and All the best to you guys too!!!


PutraRocker said...

keep updating..ngee

ken said...

keep it up =)

Christine said...

PutraRocker- hehe.. will keep updating it.. =)

Ken- thanks ken, will try.. thanks for ur support!!!