Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rest In Peace Mr Edgar Maurice Augustin

A short description of Sekolah Sri Inai Penang

Our Sri Inai Penang Logo that we Inaians are proud of...

Sri Inai (Senior) Penang was established in 1981 which was started by the Augustin Family with only a handful of pioneer teachers and students. The Junior (Primary) School was established in 1985. It conducts classes from Year 1 to Year 6, while the Kindergarten / Tadika was added to the Junior School in 1987. It is opened to children aged 3+ years and above. Till this date, the student population Sri Inai stands at 301 students. Sri Inai had produced over 1000 graduates since 1981.

In 1988, The Senior School moved its classroom and facilities to a brand new campus developed along Kelawai Road. Featuring modern laboratories and bigger classroom, it allowed the school to provide a wider range of facilities and a cutting-edge learning environment for its students.

Year 2003 marked 22 years since its inception of the school, the oldest private school in Penang for local students in the 22 years since its establishment. Sri Inai has gone through many phases of change to achieve the successful status of what it has proven today, as a leading private educational institution.. But unfortunately now the Sri Inai Penang does not exist anymore.. Now the name changed to Sri Pinang.. It was a sad news to know when the name was changed in 2005.

The motto of the Sri Inai School is "Bukit Sama Didaki" which is part of a Malay proverb "Bukit Sama Didaki, Lurah Sama Dituruni". It means that Inaians face all obstacles together until success, both covering a whole spectrum of academic and co-curricular aspects, is achieved.

Sri Inai maju dan jaya
Membentuk kita semua
Melahirkan putera puteri Malaysia
Berjiwa Berbakti Senantiasa

Bukit sama kita mendaki
Lurah sama kita turuni
Selagi Gunung Tahan berdiri
Sri Inai terus membimbing kami

Inaians are true and loyal Malaysians
Forever and ever we will be
Ever'd ever be our destiny
For Inaians at heart we'll always be

Sri Inai maju dan jaya
Membentuk kita semua
Melahirkan putera puteri Malaysia
Berjiwa Berbakti Senantiasa

The Proud Mr. Augustin of Sekolah Sri Inai Penang. Photo taken from Facebook Group of Sri Inai Penang.

This post is dedicated to Mr. Edgar Maurice Augustin who had passed away on Tuesday 16/6/2009.

As Inaians throughout most of my schooling life from primary and secondary school, It is with the deepest of sorrow that I face the fact that Mr Edgar Maurice Augustin, our teacher, headmaster has now left us, Inaians on the 16/6/2009. My sincere condolences to Mrs Augustin, Michelle.May you all stay strong in the time of grief. Today I was able to attend his funeral and pay my last respect to him for patiently guiding and educating us to be a better person.. We will always remembered and cherished the memories we have with Mr.Augustin and Sri Inai which is our beloved school. Luckily I made a right decision to come back to Penang and also thanked my colleagues for allowing me to take leave to come back to pay my last respect to him.. Besides, I was also lucky that I decided to come back to visit him when he was very sick before the school holiday started.. I was thinking after the school holidays which is the busy period for us, i would come back to see him. Thank god i didn't coz it will be too late.. So am really glad that I was lucky to see him and talk to him before he passed away and also able to attend his funeral.. Was also glad to meet all my dedicated teachers especially all those from the primary school.. Is really nice to see them again after soooo many years..

In School, Mr Augustin is famously known as Auggie with his famous Volvo no.plate PBB 3363 (which is his beloved car) God knows how long he have that car de.. He was driving that car since I was in Form 1 until now, before he was very sick. Even though in school we will fear him especially when we hear the car coming back to the school, we will scream ' Auggie's back... Runn!!! haha.. is so funny everytime we see his car... lol.. when he makes his surprise classroom rounds, his voice when he comes into the class and also when he always ask questions and he will always make sure that we students will never answer 'I don't know' to him.. I remembered he dislike that phase and he will always tell us that instead of ' I Don't Know' we should say 'I'll find out the answer.'. That phase was drilled into us since Form 1.. Can u imagined 4 years of listening to that phase.. Haha.. But then ended up, every time he asked us questions, we will still answer him ' I don't know'.. Hahaha..When I came back in Form 4 after one year in a school I regretted, he still willingly accepted us back to the school and continue to patiently guide me...I remembered when i was in form 4 and form 5, i was very closed to Shari-Ann and he went he passed us, he would say that 'you both always stick to each other during breaks' LOL.. He was still going strong at 80 years old when I finished my form 5 in the year 2003. Although we fear him, but we also admired him for his passion and sincerely taking all his time and effort to teach and mold so many students since 1981.. I will also mostly see him around Pulau Tikus area walking.. Besides that, every year, me and Wye Ling will always visit him and Mrs. Augustin. Since he lost the school in the year 2006, he was feeling guilty and blamed himself, but no matter what, with or without Sri Inai Penang, we (the Inaians) will always appreciate him and the motto of Sri Inai will always be remembered by all Inaians.. Thank You, Mr. Augustin!!!

Rest In Peace Mr. Augustin... We will always remembered you for what you have done for all Inadians since 1981 till 2005.. Thank you once again...

Monday, June 08, 2009



HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY BABY ADEN!!! Today is my nephew's 1st birthday.. He is soooo cuteee...

The below photos taken today in his place..

He is so big now.. Haha.. Didn't see him for only 2 weeks and today my younger brother and me when over to see him to pass him, and he can already walk by himself.. time flies.. soon he will be able to talk... hahaha... he is soooo cute especially when he wants food.... and when he is eating... :)...