Sunday, March 30, 2008


Am leaving back to KL.... Have to go now.. Sob sob..

Edit: 10:11pm...

I just reached home.. 7 and the half hours from house to house... 6 hours in the bus... traffic jammed like mad... :(

Friday, March 28, 2008

What to you think?

I have a good question for you guys to comment today?? As you guys know that am facing problems and am emotionally down.. However, most do not know what happened? and what problem that can make me so down?? And guess what?? What a good timing? When assignments and work are pilling up and this problem have to arise? Am actually thinking whether am I that type of person or am I not? So people out there who knows me since ages ago or some might only know me recently, am willing to listen to what you guys comment about me? How I treat you all and how is my personality like? Am I a person who is easy to be bullied and being abused? The problem that am facing is related to some of the questions I ask you guys.. Sorry, I decided I better not tell you all till things are more settle and when am more emotionally stable.. This problem is should suppose to be a Private and Confidential.. So I don't want others to get involved so I will keep this secret unless someone I so hate is challenging me to do it.. I also don't want my 'personal friends' to get involved in this too.. because they have helped me many times and I really owe them a lot.. Some of them who are close to me had know about this incident, and most of gave me advices.. I really want to thanked all those who had help me and was with me throughout all the pain and suffering I am going through.. You guys know who u are, who spend lots of time to talk and advice me on what to do.. To those who I didn't tell you all also were still there for me.. without asking me what happened when I told you guys is P&C. I told only a few people about the incident because they are either in my group and also a few were a very close friend of mine from school days..

I really appreciate all of you who were with me during this time.. I thanked you all from the bottom of my heart and I really mean that..

All comments are welcome... and i really want to hear what you guys really think of me.. Don't worry.. our friendship will still continue... hahaha.. I just wanna know the truth.. and am trying my very best not to be so emotional and trying to forget this problem.... Wish me luck.. hahaha...

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Survey time!!!

This is the first time am posting a survey in my blog.. Thanks to my cousin for inviting me to join this... Hehehe..

Time to sleep now!!! Take care everyone!!!

What a week!!!

Hello, Sorry for the lack of reply.. Was quite busy and emotionally down.. Some of you mite know about it and some might not.. But 99% of people doesn't know about it but is ok.. coz am not planning to tell many people why.. but some mite have known through my msn and yahoo msn on how i feel... So basically, i didn't feel like blogging the whole of the week.. Of coz, the other reasons that keeping me away from blogging for a week is due to uni workload.. I havent been able to watch my dramas now also... Issshh... Not fun... But is also because am just exhausted..

Dad's birthday is on Saturday and I decided to go back to Penang again to spend time with my dad.. I didn't get to celebrate with him last year coz i was admitted to the hospital.. So now, I will go back tomorrow and then come back to KL on sun... Next week, will be another hectic week with all discussion and work.. but is quite fun... coz am happy with my group members..

I guess that's it for now.. Poh Ching tagged me, but I wont be doing it yet.. Sorry Poh Ching.. Tak ada mood to do it... :)

Btw, any suggestion on how I can make money... am broke.. Haha... All comments are welcome!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Thai Foood!!! Yummmmyyy

Yesterday I reached Penang at 9p.m. Left KL by bus at 4pm.. Almost was late for the bus.. They close the road heading to the Parliment.. Thank god, we reached on time.. Today, for dinner, we went to eat Thai Food... Yummmyyy is so freaking nice to eat... Every time I come back Penang, I must go to my uncle's place to eat the Thai food.. The food is so nice that I ate so much.. Now am so full... hehehe... I will be in Penang till Sunday only.. this week, my lecturer had something to do, so we dont have class this whole week.. hehe.. But he already replaced a most of our classes..

If you guys interested here is the address:

Chok Dee Thai
231 D-Burma Road,Penang
04 2291492
(Taken from my younger brother Gavin's Blog)

Sorry, no pictures on the food we ate today.. Was planning to take before we start eating, but I forgot once the food came.. Couldn't resist the temptation of the food... Hehe..

That's it for now..

Before i leave, just wanna wish Callie a Happy 22nd Birthday!!! May all ur wishes comes true my dear friend.. Almost one year since we last met.. Hope to catch up with u soon... Miss you...

Callie is my friend from Taylor's during our South Australian Matriculation days...

Friday, March 14, 2008

The gurls outing!!!

On Thursday after our class, we all decided to go for lunch.. Being bored with the food in uni, we (Suet Li, Joanna, Yik Fan, Siew Mei and Me) decided to go MidValley for lunch. All our classes ends at 2pm. Suet Li is from A levels and Joanna is my junior, currently doing her 2nd year 2nd term. Since her birthday was around the corner, hehehe.. actually her birthday was in another 2 weeks.. But we were scared we will be too busy with our assignments that we would not be able to go out and celebrate with her. So since we were out in Midvalley we decided to give her a surprise.. She was shocked.. Hehe.. and she said that this is her first time celebrating her birthday with her friends.. So is good to hear lah.. LOL..

Joanna getting excited cutting her birthday cake!!!

Look at this gurl?? Cannot wait to take pictures... LOL

Joanna, Me and Yik Fan

Joanna, Suet Li, Siew Mei and Me!!! :P

Another shot of us... Which one more clearer??

Look at what this Yik fan and Siew Mei doing??

Joanna again!!!

The four of us... Yik Fan disappeared?? dont know where she hilang to!!!

Hmpphh.... What is she wishing for??

She enjoying her cake!!! Nice anot??

Me and Yik Fan!!!

My consumer behavior group members... Thanks gurls..

The four of us.. Am glad to know you guys!!!

Siew Mei and our suet li...

Cute anot the background!!! Hahaha

Finally a better picture of the 5 of us!!! Take care gurls!!!

Friday, March 07, 2008

Weee... Sheraton Imperial Buffet Dinner

We went to Sheraton Imperial KL for dinner on Friday 7/3/2008!!! Hehehe.. Since I have the card and since members can get 50% off from the buffet, i went a few times de.. However, usually 50% for 2 person, and 33% for 3 person and so on.. But this month, the card members can bring max of 10 pax and still entitled to 50% discount.. So it was a good bargain.. Thanks to my uncle for supplementing one of the card to us... So on Friday, I went with 2 of my best friend, Wye Ling and Doreen to eat the buffet.. Here is the pictures we took using Wye ling handphone camera.. U know what? Is cheaper than going to a restaurant to eat.. Am serious.. Those who has the card will agree with me..

Haha... Yumppyyy yummpppyy.. Unfortunately the 10pax for 50% is till end of this month only.. And the card will expired in May 2008.. Sob sob...

Here's the pictures

Me and Doreen

Doreen.. Hmpphh.. Why aren't she smiling... I have to go and ask her de.. Haha

Me... Hmpphh.. thanks to wye ling.. I Didn't even know she took my pic... Isssh... Sob Sob

Wye ling and Me playing the fool... Haha.. Yes yes, I know we are in the hotel... but can't help it rite.. Muahaha

Improving.. A better picture of both of us

Finally, we now finally took a proper picture!!!

Which one better?? I can't tell.. So put both lah.. Hehehe

The 3 of us.. Wye Ling, Doreen and Me

Another picture.. This one taken by the waiter there.. Is not very clear unfortunately..

Doreen and Wye Ling..See got something above their head... LOL

Doreen and Wye Ling again!!! Now Wye ling is standing up..

Me and Doreen!!!

p/s- sorry for the dark picture coz the place was dark.. Hahaha.. Taken using my friend handphone camera..

That's it for now.. Got to go and continue my work.. Take care!!!

Golda Birthday Celebration

On the 26 of February, we celebrated Golda's birthday.. Her actual birthday was few days before, but I had to go back to Penang to do some important stuff.. So when I came back to KL, I plan to celebrate with her since I could not celebrate with her on the actual day.. So we went out on Tuesday since I thought I don't have classes on wed.. So after class, Sherlin fetched me from Uni and then we went to buy some stuff b4 coming back to my house for a while for me to change.. Then we went to fetch Golda.. By the time we reach her house it was 9pm.. Haha.. We wanted to take her to somewhere else but unfortunately they were having a private function.. so I changed the venue for dinner in the morning.. We went to Boathouse to eat which is located in Taman Tun.. Sue couldn't joined us for dinner but she joined us after that.. We finished dinner about 11pm and then Golda, Sherlin and me headed back to my house.. Sue came to my house by herself and all four of us had a drinking session.. and also to cut birthday cake..

Dinner at Boathouse

Golda, Me and Sherlin- After dinner

Me with my orange freeze

Golda and Me- abit tired by then..

Golda and Sherlin

Sherlin and me

Our food!!!

Golda's order- Lamb Shank

Sherlin order- Chicken something.. Forgot the name de!!

My food- Two Cheese Two Mushroom!!!

After dinner in my place- drinking session

We started drinking Kampai first before drinking wiskey!!!

Sue and Me!!!

Golda and Sue!!!

Another shot!~!~

Me and Golda..

Golda and Sherlin- Hahaha..

Golda and Sue..

Our kampai

Me enjoying the drink.. LOL

Sue and Me drinking...

Golda and Sue drinking...

Sue and Sherlin- by then Sherlin drank like dont know how many bottles of kampai already!!!

Sue and Sherlin- sherlin was high by then.. She drank so fast...

Sue, Sherlin and Me

Sue and Golda with their kampai.. 5% alcohol.. not alot.. but it was gassy..

Sherlin was high!!! She drank much more than us...

Singing and Cutting birthday cake
It was a ice-cream cake!!!

Me with Golda's birthday cake

Eating the birthday cake...

Golda with her smile while eating the cake.. Nice anot?? Haha

Sue with her cake!!!

Sherlin with her cake- She was already high by then i guess..

I seriously don't know what she is doing in this picture... LOL

That's it for now..

P/s- Golda, I finallly updated it.. Hahaha.. I hope u enjoyed that day.. LOL..

See you guys!!! I really lucky to be able to know you guys... Thanks alot..