Friday, March 07, 2008

Golda Birthday Celebration

On the 26 of February, we celebrated Golda's birthday.. Her actual birthday was few days before, but I had to go back to Penang to do some important stuff.. So when I came back to KL, I plan to celebrate with her since I could not celebrate with her on the actual day.. So we went out on Tuesday since I thought I don't have classes on wed.. So after class, Sherlin fetched me from Uni and then we went to buy some stuff b4 coming back to my house for a while for me to change.. Then we went to fetch Golda.. By the time we reach her house it was 9pm.. Haha.. We wanted to take her to somewhere else but unfortunately they were having a private function.. so I changed the venue for dinner in the morning.. We went to Boathouse to eat which is located in Taman Tun.. Sue couldn't joined us for dinner but she joined us after that.. We finished dinner about 11pm and then Golda, Sherlin and me headed back to my house.. Sue came to my house by herself and all four of us had a drinking session.. and also to cut birthday cake..

Dinner at Boathouse

Golda, Me and Sherlin- After dinner

Me with my orange freeze

Golda and Me- abit tired by then..

Golda and Sherlin

Sherlin and me

Our food!!!

Golda's order- Lamb Shank

Sherlin order- Chicken something.. Forgot the name de!!

My food- Two Cheese Two Mushroom!!!

After dinner in my place- drinking session

We started drinking Kampai first before drinking wiskey!!!

Sue and Me!!!

Golda and Sue!!!

Another shot!~!~

Me and Golda..

Golda and Sherlin- Hahaha..

Golda and Sue..

Our kampai

Me enjoying the drink.. LOL

Sue and Me drinking...

Golda and Sue drinking...

Sue and Sherlin- by then Sherlin drank like dont know how many bottles of kampai already!!!

Sue and Sherlin- sherlin was high by then.. She drank so fast...

Sue, Sherlin and Me

Sue and Golda with their kampai.. 5% alcohol.. not alot.. but it was gassy..

Sherlin was high!!! She drank much more than us...

Singing and Cutting birthday cake
It was a ice-cream cake!!!

Me with Golda's birthday cake

Eating the birthday cake...

Golda with her smile while eating the cake.. Nice anot?? Haha

Sue with her cake!!!

Sherlin with her cake- She was already high by then i guess..

I seriously don't know what she is doing in this picture... LOL

That's it for now..

P/s- Golda, I finallly updated it.. Hahaha.. I hope u enjoyed that day.. LOL..

See you guys!!! I really lucky to be able to know you guys... Thanks alot..


Golda said...

Hahaha.. No no, Sherlin was alredi drunk on her 2nd bottle of Kampai.. LOL!! But I guess she is happy to b drunk.. HAHAHA =P

Yes my dear Christine, I reli thnk u guys for the bday celebration.. Reli sweet of u. Thnk u, again =)

Christine said...

Golda- Yeap.. I realized that too.. She was drunk by the 2nd bottle.. :) But she really wanted to get drunk anyways.. Haha... Glad to hear that u enjoyed urself.. Your most welcome.. :)