Friday, March 07, 2008

Weee... Sheraton Imperial Buffet Dinner

We went to Sheraton Imperial KL for dinner on Friday 7/3/2008!!! Hehehe.. Since I have the card and since members can get 50% off from the buffet, i went a few times de.. However, usually 50% for 2 person, and 33% for 3 person and so on.. But this month, the card members can bring max of 10 pax and still entitled to 50% discount.. So it was a good bargain.. Thanks to my uncle for supplementing one of the card to us... So on Friday, I went with 2 of my best friend, Wye Ling and Doreen to eat the buffet.. Here is the pictures we took using Wye ling handphone camera.. U know what? Is cheaper than going to a restaurant to eat.. Am serious.. Those who has the card will agree with me..

Haha... Yumppyyy yummpppyy.. Unfortunately the 10pax for 50% is till end of this month only.. And the card will expired in May 2008.. Sob sob...

Here's the pictures

Me and Doreen

Doreen.. Hmpphh.. Why aren't she smiling... I have to go and ask her de.. Haha

Me... Hmpphh.. thanks to wye ling.. I Didn't even know she took my pic... Isssh... Sob Sob

Wye ling and Me playing the fool... Haha.. Yes yes, I know we are in the hotel... but can't help it rite.. Muahaha

Improving.. A better picture of both of us

Finally, we now finally took a proper picture!!!

Which one better?? I can't tell.. So put both lah.. Hehehe

The 3 of us.. Wye Ling, Doreen and Me

Another picture.. This one taken by the waiter there.. Is not very clear unfortunately..

Doreen and Wye Ling..See got something above their head... LOL

Doreen and Wye Ling again!!! Now Wye ling is standing up..

Me and Doreen!!!

p/s- sorry for the dark picture coz the place was dark.. Hahaha.. Taken using my friend handphone camera..

That's it for now.. Got to go and continue my work.. Take care!!!


Elena said...

Wei cousin MSN oso dun answer, how to contact you??? :P can you please message me next time you're online, want to ask quick favour from you! xx

shan said...

goodness... so many photos! without me... sob sob.. next time shari and i will have our little outing without u guys! hmph! hahaha glad u guys had lotsa fun!

Christine said...

Elena- Haha.. U msn me, I was asleep de.. U msn me at 3.05am on a weekday.. Haha.. In my dreamland de. :)

Shan: Ur in UK and Shari is in Russia.. How to take photos with you leh.. Quickly come back.. Am waiting for you guys.. Miss u all so much.. :) and create a blog then I will know how ur doing over there.. :)