Friday, March 14, 2008

The gurls outing!!!

On Thursday after our class, we all decided to go for lunch.. Being bored with the food in uni, we (Suet Li, Joanna, Yik Fan, Siew Mei and Me) decided to go MidValley for lunch. All our classes ends at 2pm. Suet Li is from A levels and Joanna is my junior, currently doing her 2nd year 2nd term. Since her birthday was around the corner, hehehe.. actually her birthday was in another 2 weeks.. But we were scared we will be too busy with our assignments that we would not be able to go out and celebrate with her. So since we were out in Midvalley we decided to give her a surprise.. She was shocked.. Hehe.. and she said that this is her first time celebrating her birthday with her friends.. So is good to hear lah.. LOL..

Joanna getting excited cutting her birthday cake!!!

Look at this gurl?? Cannot wait to take pictures... LOL

Joanna, Me and Yik Fan

Joanna, Suet Li, Siew Mei and Me!!! :P

Another shot of us... Which one more clearer??

Look at what this Yik fan and Siew Mei doing??

Joanna again!!!

The four of us... Yik Fan disappeared?? dont know where she hilang to!!!

Hmpphh.... What is she wishing for??

She enjoying her cake!!! Nice anot??

Me and Yik Fan!!!

My consumer behavior group members... Thanks gurls..

The four of us.. Am glad to know you guys!!!

Siew Mei and our suet li...

Cute anot the background!!! Hahaha

Finally a better picture of the 5 of us!!! Take care gurls!!!

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