Friday, April 22, 2011

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Monday, April 04, 2011

Farewell Play N Learn!

As many of you know that after graduation I was working in Play N Learn. I had a great joy and fun during my time there.. Time passes very fast, and when I am unhappy the children will always be there to make me feel better by just talking or playing with them. My boss has always been very kind and patient with me.. She had always patiently advice and guide me during my tenure with her both during my full-time and part-time. Thank you boss for everything you have given me..

Yes, I left Play N Learn after one year due to some personal issues. But I went back working in Play N Learn as a part-timer. And of course I didn't make the wrong decision because I had great fun working there again.. When I resign as a full-timer, it was really difficult to bid goodbye to all the children that I loved. Therefore, I couldn't help, but again make a decision to go back and work part-time in order to be able to be with them. It was really enjoyable working with them and the parents.. The joy that I had experience during my full-time and part-time is beyond words.

I can't imagine how much sadness in me when Play N Learn 1 Utama had officially closed on the 31th of March! It was a very difficult decision for my boss to make this decision. Although it is sad but since she had decided, I should accept the decision and wish her all the very best. I understand her situation and thus she had to make this difficult decision. Is time for her to spend time with her wonderful kids and also to have more time for herself. The reason she decided to closed Play N Learn is attached below:

Therefore during the last weekend, my boss had decided to throw a farewell party for all the children and parents. Although it was a sad occasion but we also had a great time. During our last weekend together all the ex-full timers, ex-partimers, current full timers and part-timers came and join the farewell... It was fun and yet sad. You can see the kids were sad, the parents were sad and all of us were sad, but we continue to look and the bright side and enjoy ur last gathering together in Play N Learn.. It was really fun talking with everyone. As Stephanie said "Play N Learn is the place we met, we laughed, we cry and we shared.. Like a big family.

Here are a slideshow for you all to see the fun and wonderful time with boss, the parents, the kids, teachers and all my colleagues. Have fun viewing.

I am grateful that I had make a decision to work in Play N Learn. Now am able to know I really have a passion working with children. At first I wasn't very sure but since working in Play N Learn I know this is what i really wanted. I would like to specially thank boss for teaching, guiding and advising me during my ups and downs there. Thank you for always patiently forgiving me for all the mistakes and inconvenience cause to you. Thank you for always believing in me and always showing me the way.

Thank you to Stephanie for guiding, teaching and always there for me when I need her help. It was you who patiently guide me when I first started. Thank you for always being there to help me even after u resign. I sincerely thank you for everything and or cos always patiently forgiving me in all the mistakes i have done. It was a joy working with you. Thank you Ellan for the time I was there. Thank you for instructing and leading me on what do to. Is nice knowing you.

I would also like to thank all the parents who had always be patient with me and always a joy and fun working and chatting with. Thank you for always forgiving me for all the mistakes I have make during the time and always willingly forgiving me. My sincere apologies for all the inconvenience cause during my time there. Thank you very much to all the wonderful parents.

Thank you to all the wonderful kids who are always there for me.. Is the joy to work with all the kids. I remember once I was very down when I first started, but am very lucky to the wonderful children who make me smile and without fail no matter how sad I am, I would always me able to smile once i see all these wonderful kids. Am so going to miss all of you! Huggs and kisses to all the kids in Play N Learn!

Thank you to all the teachers who had help me alot too.. Without them, it wouldn't be that easy working there.. The teachers there are super fun... They are very nice to work with.. And most importantly the kids have great fun with them too.. Thank you Victor, Pei Fong, Wai Wai, Phyllis and many many other teachers.. Thank you for being there for me all these while.. Am really grateful to be able to work and meet you guys... Take care and please do keep in touch..

Of coz, not forgetting all my part-timers who are always willingly there to help me during my time in Play N Learn. Without you, I am very sure I wont be able to cope in Play N Learn. Thank you for always staying back/always eating late or even skip lunch to help me when there are a lot of people on Saturday. I really appreciate all your help. You definitely make life easier.. It was super great fun working with you guys.. I hope you guys have great fun working with me too.. :) I would like to apologies to each and everyone of you if i have unintentionally hurt you. Thank you again for the support you guys have given me. Keep in touch always.. And let's have fun!

Not forgetting, Thank you to Terry from Global Art, Hazel and Company from London English Academy, Pat from Scholastic and many others who have always help me.. especially during events and many more.. Is because of your patient and help, I was able to organize the events.. Thank you for everything from classes to events. Really appreciate all your help and time.

Although Play N Learn had already closed, but am sure all our memories will always be treasure and cherished in our hearts.. Let's always keep in touch and may our friendship continues and grows stronger. I would like to wish everyone Good Health and All the very best in your future undertakings. Good luck to all my part-timers who are still studying and am sure you guys will be fine! Study Hard and Have fun at the same time.. =)

That's it for now. See all of you soon... Miss you all.. Huggs!