Saturday, February 23, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year! Happy Chap Goh Meh!

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone! Fine fine.. I know is almost ending.. Happy Chap Goh Meh! Sorry.. Time flies so fast that 15 days of Chinese New Year is almost over.. During Chinese New Year I was rushing for my research.. =( This is the shortest Chinese New Year I have celebrated all my whole life.. LOL..

This year since I am in UK, i didnt really celebrate Chinese New Year.. If you ask me whether am home sick.. I can tell you that during the Chinese New Year festival I was really feeling home sick because Chinese New Year is the time where no matter how and where you are, we will always celebrate Chinese New Year together.. Ever since I moved to KL, I will always go back to Penang to celebrate Chinese New Year with my beloved family.. So this is the only year that I didn't celebrate Chinese New Year together.. But celebrating Chinese New Year in UK is also a new experience for me.. This year since all of us are away from home, my friends and I decided to have a little reunion together.. it was really fun.. I had lots of fun... The only few things i miss that I cant get it here is

No 1- My beloved family
No 2- Ang Pow!!! =)
No 3- Chinese New Year Cookies.. Pineapple tarts.. Nestum Cookies.. and etc... ( but thanks to my friend who went back to Malaysia for CNY, she bought back some cookies for me.. Jumping with joy!

Here is how i celebrated my Chinese New Year in Nottingham UK!

During the Chinese New Year Eve! Reunion Dinner with the Malaysian Society.. Thank you 
Malaysian Society for organizing this event.. And we have "yee sang" too.. Not the original one though
but still it was good! Great company and great food.. =)

The Yee Sang! Our table group photo.. :P

Our table! Ang Pow!!! Hahahaha.. 

With my darling Michelle Wong! Huggss.. 

After dinner, we had a group photo before we head for a surprise! =)

Yay!!! First time get to light the Kong Min Lantern.. Known as Sky lantern.. May all our wishes come true! =) It was fun and great experience.. Although we were all freezing cold..

Our Kong Min Lantern before we let it go.. With Michelle and Nathalie.. =)

And finally another group photo after all our lantern are up in the sky! Last group photo before we head back home! 

Then on the first day!

Wishing everyone Happy Chinese New Year! 
May the year of snake brings good luck, good health, prosperity and long life.

This is what we do!

Yes.. We have dim sum! That was only some of the food.. We had much more than this.. 
The food and the company was great too.. There was 13 of us altogether.. No group photos.. Sorry.. Too busy eating and chatting..  The first day we spend with all our close friends so it was really great!

After that, most of them head to KTV, while i head back to have dinner with my other dearies.. 

With Hope in Weatherspoon located at Trent Bridge Inn!

And Sincere!

And all 3 of us.. Thank you for being such a great friends to me.. I had so much fun hanging out with all of you! Studies and also enjoyment.. Thank you for being my library partners too..

That's how i celebrated my Chinese New Year Eve and First day of Chinese New Year.. I had lots of fun with great company.. Am really glad and blessed with good friends here..

After the 2 days, I was back to studies.. =( This year was the shortest Chinese New Year ever but i still had fun.. So that's great!

The photos from the Reunion dinner was taken from Daryl Lee! Thank you for the photos..

The Dinner photos was taken from Hope! Thank you darling.. :)

Wishing everyone HAPPY CHAP GOH MEH!!! =)

Greetings from Nottingham, UK!