Wednesday, March 05, 2008

My Best Friend, Shari-Ann!!!

Few weeks back, I wish my other best friend, Phei Shan, Happy Birthday.. Today on 5th of March 2008, am dedicating this post to my other best friend, Shari-Ann.. Today it is her birthday but unfortunately she is not in Malaysia to celebrate her birthday with us.. Now she is in a Russia studying dentistry. I know her since primary school, but we were very close when we were in Form 3. Since form 3 till now, she has been my best friend.. She has always be on my side through ups and downs.. We had a very big misunderstanding, but no matter how small or big the argument is, we are still best friends.. Nothing can stop us from being friends.. Arguments cannot break our friendship and it has prove to us.. I really missed her alot and I can't wait for her to come back.. I only get to hang out with her once a year... but is much better than nothing.. She is one of the few who knows me well... She understands and always helps me when I have problems.. I used to talk to her for hours on the phone when we were still in Penang.. Although she is so far away and I can't talk to her on the phone, but once we meet every year, we will always catch up..

Anyways, Happy Birthday Shari-Ann... May all your wishes comes true.. All the best in ur studies there k.. Anything, am just a sms or msn me and I will always be there for you.. I really can't wait for u to come back.. Yahhooo.. 3 more months.. Very fast only.. we have to hang out as much as possible ya.. Hehehe.. Miss u lots.. Take care my dear!!!

Look.. such a hardworking friend.. Haha..


shan said...

Is that shari? can't recognise her..

Christine said...

Shan- Haha.. Yeap, that is shari.. :)