Sunday, March 02, 2008

Happy Birthday Charlie!!!

Heya, this post is dedicated to Charlie Chia. He was studying in the same uni like me.. Although he is my senior.. Hahaha.. Hmpphh.. I got to know about him because he was active in Desco.. He is one of the committee members in Desco.. But anyways, I know he was active and there was activities he and the other members in Desco organized for us.. So back to how I know him, I went to the orphanage outing that they had organized and that is how I know him since he was there too.. Hahaha... So that's how I know him lar.. Cut the story short.. That was when I was in Year 1.. So you guess I know him how long de loh?? Anyways, just wanna wish him Happy birthday!!!

Happy Birthday Charlie!!! May all your wishes comes true!!! All the best in whatever you are doing now.. Take care..

Here is his blog if your interested in knowing him.. click here to go to his blog.. Charlie Hahaha.. And there are always free stuffs from him.. So generous of him rite.. Hmpphh.. Charlie, where is my freebies.... Hahaha.. Just Kidding...

That's it for now..

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