Friday, February 29, 2008

Pangkor Laut- Part 1

During my uni hols, my family went to Pangkor Laut for a short holidays..We went there for 3 days 2 nights. We had 3 rooms.. I slept with my younger brother, my parents slept in another room, and my elder brother slept with my uncle. The rooms was nice and comfortable. The bed is so comfortable to SLEEPPP!!! Hahaha.. Lazy to talk a lot about it lah.. The pictures below will give u the overall picture on how much I enjoy the Pangkor Laut trip.. All food that we had is all under the promotion package..

Our hotel room- The room my younger brother and me stay in

The bed is so damn comfortable...

My younger brother enjoying the scenery

Hahaha.. Now he is meditating

Outside our room balcony..

My younger brother becomes a clown.. Muahahaha.. Cute right?? Hmpphh

Outside our room.. The balcony

Me relaxing!!!

The computers!!! This is where I spend some of the time online.. Hehehe...

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