Thursday, March 27, 2008

What a week!!!

Hello, Sorry for the lack of reply.. Was quite busy and emotionally down.. Some of you mite know about it and some might not.. But 99% of people doesn't know about it but is ok.. coz am not planning to tell many people why.. but some mite have known through my msn and yahoo msn on how i feel... So basically, i didn't feel like blogging the whole of the week.. Of coz, the other reasons that keeping me away from blogging for a week is due to uni workload.. I havent been able to watch my dramas now also... Issshh... Not fun... But is also because am just exhausted..

Dad's birthday is on Saturday and I decided to go back to Penang again to spend time with my dad.. I didn't get to celebrate with him last year coz i was admitted to the hospital.. So now, I will go back tomorrow and then come back to KL on sun... Next week, will be another hectic week with all discussion and work.. but is quite fun... coz am happy with my group members..

I guess that's it for now.. Poh Ching tagged me, but I wont be doing it yet.. Sorry Poh Ching.. Tak ada mood to do it... :)

Btw, any suggestion on how I can make money... am broke.. Haha... All comments are welcome!!!

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