Saturday, October 20, 2007


Yes, this is a restaurant in Penang. They served good steak.. During my elder's brother birthday, we went there for dinner. I love the food there.. The name of the restaurant is very catchy too.. When the restaurant was newly opened, we just passed the place but didnt go in. Last year, my dad said wanted to try the food here since his friend recommended him. I totally forgot about the name of this restaurant till my dad was telling us that we will be going to no eye deer to eat. In my mind was like "No Idea".. Where is that place.. When i reached, I was like "OH!!! NO EYE DEER!!! Haha.. So till today, every time my parents ask us what we want to eat, our normal answer is NO IDEA.. And sometimes they thought that we wanted to go eat the steak here.. Haha.. But we were saying NO IDEA means up to you all..

But the food is delicious.. I would sometimes missed the food there especially went I feel like eating Steak.. The food is not that expensive compare to eating steak in KL..

Therefore, on September 2007, we went there to have dinner to celebrate my elder brother's birthday and as usual, I'll order the same food.

That's it about no eye deer restaurant located in Prima Tanjong, opposite Island Plaza



My younger brother enjoying his food

My elder brother

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