Friday, November 02, 2007

So Busy!!!

Sorry for the lack of updates. Fine.. not lack but no updates for quite some time already.. I have been very busy last few weeks back till today. I seriously hope there are more than 24 hours in a day.. I have been busy with uni activities such as the lantern festival, the prom night and the sports carnival which was all held in October. Besides that, I have been participating in the Jordan's competition for almost a month de.. The competition will end on the 9th of November.. To those out there who hasn't bought and supported me yet, please do so as soon as possible.. Haha.. Just kidding. Anyways, even though we are selling the toothbrush for the competition we also took the opportunity to raise funds for the HELP student who is suffering from Leukemia. Although is a small amount but yet eventually it will be better than nothing.. I already raised up about RM 150 for her already while selling this toothbrush.. To those who had supported me, thank you so much. Is because of you guys, we managed to continue selling it.. Even if I don't win this competition, it is a very good experience for me. Besides all this activities, assignments are all out.. And I have a marketing management assignment due in a week time.. And we only had exactly 2 weeks to complete the whole assignment.. This Monday I will have to go for the interview to interview a sales manager in a pharmaceutical business.. then rush for the report to be done by Friday the lastest or we will not be able to generate the turn it in report by Monday 12/11/2007. After the assignment, we had to quickly prepare for the presentation as we are the 1st group to present. Besides that, I had another assignment to work with also.. Hahaha.. Work never ends.. After all assignments are completed, is time for exams.. And am so screwed. Am so lost in the marketing management subject and I still haven't started studying yet..

Since last week, my 1st home is HELP.. haha.. I will be in uni by 7.15 am and will only leave uni at 6.30 pm... yes... staying back either to do my assignment or for group discussion.. Not only that, I have to go uni on Saturday too for group discussion tomorrow.. Am exhausted.. I hope I don't collapse again since am not fully recovered.. Please pray that the interview on Monday will go smoothly and I will be able to hand in the report.. Is really a time constraint assignment.. time is passing so fast and seriously we don't have time to finish it.. Hope I will be able to handle the pressure and stress and still do well in this assignment.. =)

That's it for now.. Am freaking exhausted and tired.. and I still have work to do now.. Pictures on the lantern, prom night and also the sports carnival will be posted soon I hope.. LOL

Nite nite everyone.. Sweet Dreams..


Elena said...

Hey! Check my site - I've tagged you for an award :)

Christine said...

Elena- Haha.. I always check your site.. Thanks.. And i didnt know that you like reading my blog.. LOL.. :P