Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Monday was the marketing management assignment due date.. I was so damn exhausted.. I didnt sleep for 2-3 whole days just to finished my whole assignment.. All in all, we only had a week to complete the whole report plus the interview.. Freaking tiring.. I couldn't finished till like 3.30p.m and i rushed to uni to photostat another copy.. When i reached uni, I realize that I forgot to print the cover page.. Stupid of me.. Thank god i bought my laptop to uni that day, so I quickly type the cover page and safe it into my thumb drive then i ran all the way to UOA to print the cover page, rushed back to Wisma Help and then rushed down to Level 1 to print out another copy, and also binding.. There was so many people.. I was like die lah die lah.. When I actually submitted the report, it was like 4.45 pm..

Luckily my friends help me compile and wrote the particulars for me.. I was so tired and weak even before I submitted my assignment. Thank god, I still had enough strength to rush through all this first.. After I submitted the report, i totally knock off.. I was trying to sleep in uni while waiting for my friend to finish class to fetch me back. However, after abt 15 minutes, I started getting very sick, and to make matter waste, I started having difficulties breathing again.. Yes, I had another relapse on Monday.. Stupid right.. Issshhh.. It take so long to go back to normal.. By the time I got back to normal, I was so tired.. So much energy is wasted.. Yes, is the same sickness that I had suffer last term.. I know I had to have enough rest, but then if you have so little time to finish your assignment, u really don't have choice but to force yourself.. So after, when I was feeling better, my friend took me home.. After reaching home, I took a quick shower and I went straight to bed.. I didn't even go to class the next day..

I was feeling very uncomfortable when I started having problem breathing.. I feel cold and I totally didn't have the energy to talk.. Thank god, am feeling much better now while typing this post.. although I still feel tired and still a bit of pain, but it was much better.. Haha..Yeap, my parents didn't know about it, so don't even mention about it to anyone k..

However due to all the challengers faced during this assignment, I am really glad that I had been able to pull it off.. Even if I don't know whether I will do well or not, it all depends on the lecturer.. But I know I had already tried my best de.. I have another assignment due then it will be exams de.. I am so not prepared.. Hahaha.. Pray hard for me ya... and Pray hard that I wont get another relapse again.. I don't want to retake the whole term again...

This Friday, our group will be the first group to present.. arghhh.. Hope everything goes on smoothly.. lol.. But am seriously glad that this assignment is done de.. 1 and the half weeks to finish the assignment.. I still can't believe it.. Am very lucky to get a interview done early.. Thanks Jeffral..

No matter how sick I get, I'll still make sure I'll finished this term.. There is no way, am going to drop this term anymore since it's almost completed.. I'll definitely pull through.. Unless something beyond my control lah.. But no worries.. I will take care of myself and try to avoid another relapse.. Pray hard for me ya.. Hehehe

Thanks guys.. Will update again later or tomorrow... Hehe..

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