Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Award- Blogging

I got tagged by Jean Ai to collect my "Be The Blog award" from MeAndMyDrum. Thanks Jean Ai..This award was created for bloggers who stick to their guns, and blog because they like to. They interact with their readers, and reply to comments that their readers leave.

Be The Blog award

I seriously didn't expected this as first of all, I wouldn't say anything great about my blog.. This blog is only created 3 months ago.. It is written for my own use where I can release my emotions, talk about how my life is, my memorable memories and many others. And I only update it when I have the mood to blog or even when am free.. At least i had done enough to entertain my readers here and thus I had received this award.=)

I would like to tagged 3 people. The first one is Tiah Ewe Tiam, for writing nice and interesting blog in order to entertain his reader and never fails to comment on his readers comments.
I also want to tagged Shari-Ann who always blogs interesting stuff about her life and life in Russia, which I am able to know how she is feeling and how she is coping there. The last person I want to tagged is Kit Wan, who writes interesting updates about her life, which is very entertaining as I will be able to know how she is even if we hardly get to meet up..

Please go to Me and My Drum for more information, and to pick up your award.


Boss Stewie said...

aww you so sweeet!

Christine said...

Boss Stewie- Hehe.. Am shock you actually came in.. Muahaha.. Go and collect your reward then.. LOL