Saturday, November 17, 2007

The triplets... SO CUTEEE!!!

The oldest- Boy

The 2nd one- Gurl

The youngest!!! He is so cute and hyper.. Dont blame me for taking so many pictures of him.. Because he was the only one that didn't sleep and didn't cry... So we kept on playing with him.

There MORE pictures.. BUT am getting sleepy already.. Will post more when am free lah.. Muahaha.. Depends on my MOODD!!!

All pictures are taken in my grandma house...

Update: More pictures

Yes!!! Yes!!! I realized that I don't have pictures on the elders one.. Haha.. The eldest one was mostly asleep when we were there, so I totally forgot to take his pictures when he was asleep.. For the baby girl, she only slept in the later part.. LOL.. I took the most picture of the youngest one because he was the hyper and active one.. Hahaha.... All of them are so cuteee.... =)


Elena said...

So cute! Whose babies are they?

Christine said...

Elena- Hehe.. My relatives babies.. =).