Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Girls Outing- Shan, Sharon, Shelly and Me in Wong Kok, 1 Utama

On June 4, I met up with Shan and Sharon and Sharon friend, Shelly. I haven't met Shan for ages de.. Almost 7 months i think.. So I finally make a point to meet them up and chat. We arrived at 1 something, and we chatted till about 5 something to 6 p.m.. The Shan fetch me home before she return. Yes, it is on the same day that the petrol price increase so Shan was stuck in a bad jammed when fetching me home and also on her way home. Shan, Get Well Soon ya.. I know your are strong to overcome all the problems you are having now.. Sorry that I wasn't there for you during the time when you need your friends to be there for you.. but I promise that I will be there for you and just called/sms/email/msn me anytime... Sharon, All the best in your final year.. We went to 1 Utama, Wong Kok to eat.. Here is the pictures we took together.. Only a few picture of us..

All of us in Wong Kok to eat and chat.. I guess that is my first time in the same place chatting like 4 and the half hours with my friends. Hahaha.. We wanted to leave earlier, but it was raining very heavy, so we couldn't make a moved.. At least we managed to catch up with each other after so long.. Shan, when your back in Uni, we go yum cha again ya.. :)

Me and Shan

Another shot of both of us..

Me, Shan and Sharon..

The 3 of us... Miss you all..

Sharon and Shelly.. Haha.. :)

As I said in the last post where I posted about SUE'S BIRTHDAY, I stated that how long we have met each other doesn't matter right. Is a matter of us putting effort to maintain our friendship.. I only met Sharon and Shan a few days only in uni when I was in Year 2.. But under certain circumstances, both of them had to changed courses.. So they were not in the same course with me.. So, I only know them few days only, but then because we all put the effort to maintain our friendship, it had been already 2 years since I first met them.. Even though we are busy with our own things but our friendship is always in our heart. :)

Hope to see you guys again.. Take care and All the best to all of you. Nice meeting you too Shelly.. :).. We plan for another session again soon when Sharon finished her exams lah.. Hahaha

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