Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pink Dream

Hi my dear friends, Here is a short update about my cousin's new fashion boutique. Is a small shop but she specifically hand pick the clothes and others by herself.

Today is her opening ceremony of 'Pink Dream'. So we went to support her and when to see her new shop.. It was cosy.. So to all gurls who are interested in buying clothes, accessories, bags, you all can drop by to:

13, Bangkok Lane
10250 Penang

I took a few pics while I was there, but it is blur. Was usually my hp camera..

Haha.. The dress from the mannequin was taken off for one of the customers to try on.. :)

Go and Have a look.. Even of you don't mind anything... You never know, maybe you like the clothes in her boutique. Take care and enjoy yourself..

Thank you for your support.. :)


Baby said...

pink dream? y the stuff aren't pink?

Christine said...

Hi baby- Her stuff are all pink.. I mean not the clothes but most of the things she uses are all pink.. the interior is also pink. Some stuff she can't get in pink colour.. :)