Friday, April 17, 2015

Young Living Essential Oil: Peppermint

Is been some time since my last post. Today, I would like to share with you Young Living Essential Oils.

Since I came back from UK, I heard about Young Living Essential Oils from my mum and one of my friend who have been using it. At first, I refused to used it or even want to know about it since I knew it was an MLM product. Being skeptical about it, I didn't bother trying the product. After a month later, when my mum kept on telling me how good the product was, I decided to give it a try. Now, I felt in love with the essential oils and would love to share this with my friends. Disclaimer: I am not doing this for MLM or business. So if your interested to know how the business plan works, I would not be able to tell you in details.. But i can introduce you to my friend if your interested to know about the plan. :)

There are few oils that I really love.. The first is the Young Living Peppermint Oil. Why Peppermint oil? Peppermint oil have many benefits. See the pictures below for some of the benefits. I love peppermint because I always have bad headaches and migraines since young. However, since using this, the headaches and migraines have been reduce. If I have a bad headaches, once I apply this oil few times a day, the pain reduces or even go away. It also helps concentration and make you feel awake especially in the morning. Imagined working up in the morning and you feel so tired and fatigue. This oil helps will definitely make you feel more energized and awake. Every time, when I am sleepy, I will rub it on my forehead and inhale it.. The other benefits is that it also helps in sore throat and fever too.. Drop one drop of peppermint into the water and drink it, and also inhaling or diffusing it... As for fever, rub the feet as well as your neck. This are some of the benefits that have helped me since I used this oil. You can drink, inhale or diffused it. Just be Warn! DO not diffused PEPPERMINT OIL at night, as it will make you stay awake. :) Unless you want to stay awake if your rushing for assignments or work, then diffused it.. Try this instead of drinking coffee to keep you awake.. :) Feel free to drop me a comment if your interested to know more about the lovely oils that have benefitted me and my family and friends. Stay tune for the next Essential Oil that I will introduce to you in my next post. 

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