Friday, July 18, 2008

A small party organized by my friends in Chilli's

Sorry for the lack of new posts. I have been really busy and tired since I started working part-time. By the time am back, am too tired to do anything. Actually, am planning to sleep now but decided to post a short entry with some pictures first regarding a small birthday party which my friends organized for me.. Actually 3 people including me.. Haha.. I only went down for a few days to KL so didn't have time to celebrate or called my other friends for some other small gathering. So on Friday, Suet Li, Me and Kak Lessie went to Chilli's for lunch.. After chatting and laughing and finished our food, we decided to pay and leave. But Suet Li wanted to eat dessert so we say ok.. Ended up she ordered a cake.. Dont know wat is the name of the dessert.. It was SUPPOSE to be for dessert and nothing else.. HOWEVER, our brilliant Suet Li had a great idea.. She asked the waitress for a candle and lighted it and then they started singing a birthday song.. Haha.. After that, we all ate the cake, paid the bill and then we leave back home.. Haha.. Btw, Thanks Suet Li for the lunch.. And also the pressie.. Thankies..

Here's the pictures...

My birthday cake.. Thanks to Suet Li

Me and my small little gurl Suet Li.. She is so going to kill me soon.. Running away from her!!! The picture is blur.. Sob Sob

Making a wish.. Haha

The 3 of us... After meal

Me and Kak Lessie

Ok guys.. Am very tired now and am working from 10am to 6pm again tomorrow and then straight home to changed then go straight to my Sri Inai batch 2003 reunion dinner organized by my friend to keep in touch with each other... So it will be another tiring day for me..

I'll post my 22nd birthday dinner which my family celebrated for me.. So stay tune.. Although No guarantee when I will post it up, but be patient, I will try me best to post it up asap.. Hahaha..

That's it for now.. Time to say goodnite and have a good sleep.. :)

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