Friday, January 18, 2008

Sherlin's birthday!!!

How do I know Sherlin and the rest?? I know Sherlin when I participated in the Jordan Competition. I was helping her and her team to compete with the other colleges to win the first prize.. Am very grateful to be able to meet such a friend like her.. To make matter better, just because of the competition, I had also a chance to meet other 3 nice friends, Golda, Sue, and Jesly. Am glad that I got to meet all of you.. Hope our friendship will grow stronger each day.. Friends forever!!! Although I just know them for few months, I have enjoy hanging out with them. So anyways, back to Sherlin's Birthday. Her birthday was actually on the day of New Year, which was on the 1st of January, but since I was till in Penang, I couldn't celebrate with her on that day, so I plan to celebrate with her on the 3rd of January when I was back in KL.. So they plan was to surprise her.. I and my friend Golda, plan to take her for dinner, so I decided we go to Sheraton but Sherlin's was too busy and she say she might not have time, so I make a choose between Sheraton or Meridien and she decided Meridien. I told Sherlin that it was only 2 of us, but actually I was getting Golda there too.. Hehe.. Sherlin kept on asking me who else is going and i told her nobody.. Muahaha.. She wanted to change the date to other days but I insisted.. She finally said ok.. She said it was only a normal dinner right, I said yes.. I know if I said that am celebrating her birthday with her, she won't come. So finally, on the day, I met with Golda in 1 Utama and we hang around till around 6.30pm. At around 8pm when she arrived, she was shocked and surprise to see Golda there.. Hahaha.. She was speechless.. After that, we had a buffet dinner till 10.30pm.. After that, we went to visit and fetch Sue.. Then all of us when to Eye on Malaysia. But it was so late already so of coz it was close de. We cut the birthday cake there.. After that, we decided to go karaoke.. Hahaha.. So we went to Neway in Times Square and sing till 4am.. After that, we fetch Sue back, then Sherlin fetch me back and then fetch Golda back..

Sherlin, I hope u enjoyed urself that day... I really had a great time out with you guys.. We should hang out more.. Sadly, Golda will be leaving to Indonesia soon.. Sad Sad.. Hahaha.. Golda, when u come back we hang out more k.. Muahaha... Sherlin can be our driver.. Kekeke.. 'running away from her'

Here's the pictures we took.. Thanks Golda for the pictures.. Sorry guys, we didn't take pictures in Neway.. LOL.. My friends were more excited in singing.. LOL

Meridien Hotel

While waiting patiently for Sherlin... Muahaha

Golda and Me

Golda (Isn't she pretty??)

Golda again!!!

Golda and Me


After dinner... Fulll???
Golda, Sherlin and Me

Golda.. While leaving the hotel

Sherlin's birthday cake bought from Bakerzin... We bought the cake from 1 utama

Nice anot Sherlin?? Nice to eat anot?

Sherlin with the cake.. Hahaha..

Sherlin blowing the candles

Sherlin and Me

Sherlin and Me

Sherlin cutting the cake..

Sue enjoying the birthday cake

Me too

Golda too.. Look at her smile?? LOL

Sherlin and Me.. She wanted the background with the twin tower..

Sherlin and Golda

Another shot: both of them

Sue, Me and Sherlin

Sue, Me and Sherlin...

The four of us.. Sherlin, Golda, Sue and Me


Golda and Sue after the karaoke in Times Square.. Look how awake they are?? LOL

I guess one thing which all four of us have in common is that we don't sleep early.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Thanks guys for ur company!!! It was great and fun nite.. I hope you guys enjoy urself too!!!

SHERLIN, YOU BETTER DO!!! ORELSE...................................


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