Monday, January 21, 2008

Thanks Nuffnang!!!

Hi everyone,

Yes Yes!!! I know what are you guys thinking.. Why are you online when your in Pangkor?? Lol.. They provide free 24 hours internet service here.. And I was only coming on to check my email, but since I want to thank Nuffnang team for their fast, efficient, helpful and friendly response to the problem I experience.. I just told Ewe Tiam about my problems and although he was busy working, he was still there to help me out. He told me to email the helpdesk and less than 2 hours, they have already email me regarding the problems I faced.. Now my ads are working again...

So I want to thank all the Nuffnang team!!! Your service are good!!!


Anonymous said...

hey..what problem did you face? i had problems with my ads..the leaderboard and the large rectangular seems not working..

Christine said...

Hi Gary,

I think I had the same problem like you.. You have to delete the the arrow from the original code

Hope this will help u.. :).. If this doesn't work, then you have to send them an email.. :)

Please look at my cbox on how the arrow looks like..