Saturday, November 29, 2008


Hi everyone,

Finally am done with my final project.. Yahhoooo... Now am only crossing finger that I will be able to do well even though i dont have high expectation any longer.. A second lower should be fine de.. :).. Yes, i know i havent been updating my blog since uni reopens.. Final year final semester is very very stressful.. So much work to do.. Assignments are never ending.. Therefore, have been so busy till i didnt have the time to update my blog..

I would also want to take this opportunity to thank all my friends who have always been there to give me support and encouragement.. during all my ups and downs in my life.. Thanks so much... Really appreciate it..

Yahoo, since i finally finished my final project and being so busy, I decided to enjoy myself by going out for nice dinner.. So am off soon, in another 15 minutes.. Hehehe.. Happy.. But then leh, my other assignments, presentation and exams are not done yet.. So i doubt i will be updating anytime soon unless I feel like it.. Hahaha.. That's it for now, since i need to get myself ready to go and enjoy myself today.. :)

See you guys soon.. Take care..

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