Tuesday, December 08, 2009

After a such an exhausting and tiring Saturday and Sunday, I had a nice time relaxing with my family in Penayang.. My younger brother and I came back on Monday. Saturday was a tiring and exhausting day. But thank god, it went on smoothly.. Haha.. Sunday was the Walkabrella event.. I woke up at 7am and left house at 7:45 am.. Congrats to my younger brother and all the KDU mass communication students which was a success. They broke the Malaysian books of records by having the most number of people walking with the umbrella. I participated the event and also finished the walk with 2 of my other friends.. Then after the walk, we went yum cha then went window shopping... Hahaha..

On Monday at 10am, we took a bus back to Penang... It was my mum's birthday yesterday!!! Happy Birthday to my dear mummy!!! We decided to spend quality time with each other since we havent done it for so long already coz everyone is busy working.. So this time, we decided to book a hotel in Penang and enjoy and relax.. And also to get away from the noise since my parents room is under renovation.. Hahaha.. Now am actually blogging in Flamingo Hotel Penang... Just got back from swimming.. Going to shower then off for lunch..

Am going to stay here till wednesday which is tomorrow.. then off for lunch then back to KL coz the next day need to go back to work.. Hehehe...

Enjoying+Relaxation+spending quality time with my parents= Happiness... =)

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