Thursday, October 14, 2010

Commonwealth 2010 Delhi

The Commonwealth 2010 in Delhi had come to the end. I would like to take this opportunity to CONGRATULATE ALL OUR MALAYSIAN Athletics for making Malaysia proud by winning 12 golds medals. There were many surprises from certain sports that did not target any gold medal but ended up surprising everyone to win the gold medal. Some of the sports that had given us surprises are from Diving, Gymnastics and Shooting. There was one sport that target 4 gold medals but ended up not winning any.. To all the athletics who win the gold, silver and bronze medals, we really like to congratulate you all for doing your very best and making Malaysians proud of your achievement. We wish you all the very best and we hope u will continue to strive harder and win more honors for our country. To all those who didnt win, we will still like to congratulate you all too for trying ur best. We hope that you will all continue to work harder.. Thank you to all our Malaysian Athletics. Congratulations.. 12 golds is an achievement and also a history for Malaysia Commonwealth Sport event. We only targeted 10 gold medals but we managed to get 12 gold medals.. =)


Team Event2




Team Event1



Gold Medal

1IBRAHIM Amirul HamizanMen's 56kg Category Weightlifting
2JUMITIH AriccoMen's 62kg Category Weightlifting
3NG JosiahMen's Kierin - 1-6 Cycling-Track
4MalaysiaMixed Team Event - Gold Medal Match Badminton
5DAVID NWomen's Singles Squash
6MalaysiaWomen's 10m Air Rifle (Pairs) Shooting
7PAMG Pandelela RinongWomen's 10m Platform Aquatics-Diving
8NG Pei Chin BibianaWomen's 10m Air Pistol Shooting
9LEE Chong WeiMen's Singles Gold Medal Match Badminton
10MalaysiaMen's Doubles Gold Medal Match Badminton
11MalaysiaMixed Doubles Gold Medal Match Badminton
12KOON ElaineWomen's Apparatus - Hoop Gymnastics-Rhythmic Gymnastics
Silver Medal
1TISIN Mohd RizalMen's 1,000m Time Trial Cycling-Track
2MAHAYUDIN NaharudinMen's 62kg Category Weightlifting
3MalaysiaMen's 25m Rapid Fire Pistol (Pairs) Shooting
4MalaysiaMen's Recurve - Team Gold Medal Match Archery
5AMIR HASAN Hasli IzwanMen's 25m Rapid Fire Pistol Shooting
6PAMG Pandelela RinongWomen's 10 M Platform Synchronised Aquatics-Diving
7HALIM Nur AyuniWomen's 10m Air Rifle Shooting
8MalaysiaWomen's Pairs Gold Medal Game Lawn Bowls
9WONG Mew ChooWomen's Singles Gold Medal Match Badminton
10KOON ElaineWomen's Apparatus - Ball Gymnastics-Rhythmic Gymnastics
Bronze Medal
1YUSOFF RaihanWomen's 53kg Category Weightlifting
2MalaysiaMen's Double Trap (Pairs) Shooting
3NG Pei Chin BibianaWomen's 25m Pistol Shooting
4MANSOR Mohd HafifiMen's 69kg Category Weightlifting
5MalaysiaMen's Team Sprint Cycling-Track
6MalaysiaWomen's Team Event Bronze Medal Match Table Tennis
7MOHAMED TAIBI Nur SuryaniWomen's 10m Air Rifle Shooting
8MalaysiaMen's Pairs Bronze Medal Game Lawn Bowls
9LOMAS Bryan NicksonMen's 3m Springboard Synchronised Aquatics-Diving
10LOMAS Bryan NicksonMen's 10m Platform Aquatics-Diving
11KOON ElaineWomen's Individual All-Around Competition Gymnastics-Rhythmic Gymnastics
12Nicol DAVID/Beng HeeMixed Doubles Bronze Medal Match Squash
13KOON ElaineWomen's Apparatus - Rope Gymnastics-Rhythmic Gymnastics
14KOON ElaineWomen's Apparatus - Ribbon Gymnastics-Rhythmic Gymnastics


ken said...

yeap.. 12 gold.. a new record for malaysia =)

Christine said...

Yay!!! Yeap Ken, is a new record.. If lawn balls had won, we would win more though.. Hahaha.. =)