Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New Tactic! To Rob You in PJ And Soon All Places

Hie.. so sorry for the lack of new post.. =) I receive this email from a friend of mine and would like to share this with all of you! Am not sure whether is true.. but better be safe than sorry.. Actually no matter what happen, we should always drive to somewhere crowded or to the nearest police station so that there are ppl to help us.. =) Take care..

New Tactic! To Rob You in PJ And Soon All Places


Just received this from a local police force in Bangsar. There is a
new tactic used by the thieves and robbers & spreading into PJ & other
KL areas. Be careful when there is a motorist approaching while you
are driving alone in a car. These days, the thieves will spray some
liquid on your tyre which leads to smoke outburst.

When you encounter such a situation, don't panic. Stay calm & don't
ever try to park your car to check what is going on. This is the
intention purposely created by these thieves to get your attention.
Once you get out from your car, they will snatch your belongings or
may even harm you.

So, if you ever encounter such an incident, drive to a safe place
where crowded people are or to a petrol or police station. As for the
stain, use water to clean it up, that's all.
Look after your own safety, especially to those ladies out there. What
ever happens, don't simply walk out from your car! This is a true case
that has occurred before.
Once you see this email, don't forget to forward it to all your buddies!

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