Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy New Year: 2013

Oh my!!! Time really flies.. I didn't even realize that i haven't blog for a very long time.. Hopefully this year i will be able to blog more.. =)

First of all, I would like to wish everyone of you Happy New Year!!! May 2013 brings good health, long life and prosperity to all of you! I hope this year doesn't flies as fast as last year..

For me 2012 was a good year although there are ups and downs.. However, it was  great experience and learning journey doing the downs and am glad to have my family and friends around during my difficult times. I mean in life, who doesn't have downs right. As long as you have support and encouragement from family and friends, you will eventually be fine.. =)

Is been 4 months since am in UK doing my Master.. I cannot imagine how time flies. During the last 4 months it was really hectic for me.. I was overwhelmed with lots of research assignments.However, at the same time, i also had lots of fun. Is a journey where i had great experience learning and experiencing new stuff.. at the same time, making new friends along the way.. Am really really glad to be able to make good friends here too..Am really glad and honoured to be able to have friends like them. I guess I will be posting up some photos here soon.. =) Is been a great journey for me so far and no matter how tough the workload will me am sure i will be fine as long as i try my best and do whatever i can.. The passion and drives will pulled me through. As for the studies part, i am actually having difficulties here but I am fine. =)

I would really like to thank my beloved dad and mum for giving me such a great experience and opportunity to be here in the UK.. Dad and mum, although we are miles apart, I miss all of you a lot. Thank you so much for giving me such a memorable experience and am going to make full use of it. Huggss.. =)

I hope 2013 will be a better year for everyone including myself. Let's all enjoy this year and make full use of it. No matter what is in store for all of you this year, let's all be strong and overcome whatever obstacles along the way! Have fun at the same time! All the best to all of you!

To my Malaysian friends, I missed all of you a lot. Thank you so much for always supporting me and keeping in touch.. =) Am so sad that i will have to miss 2 of my best friends wedding! Dear Sharon and Siew Mei, although i wont be physically there during your happiest moment in life, i will mentally be there for you supporting you and am really happy for you! All the very best in your new journey in life. Am sure you guys will have lots of fun! Do take more photos for me to see k.. Hugggsss...

To all my new friends in UK, thank you for being such a great friend to me. Am so lucky to be able to meet each and everyone of you along the way in the last 4 months. May our friendship grows stronger each day! =)

Till then.. Will blog more if I have time.

Happy New Year!!!

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