Thursday, June 07, 2007

Holiday- Here I Come!!!

Is 2.13am already. In another 9 hours i will be leaving to the airport with my parents and brother. We are leaving to Taiwan today and will be back on Wed afternoon. The flight is at 2pm... I just finished packing.. LOL.. this is call last minute packing.. Hehe.. Let's hope that this holiday will be fun.. . My other friend from KL will also be leaving to US this coming week. Since am going for holidays and there is no laptop, i wont be blogging till i come back home. In Taiwan, we are staying with my dad friend place..

I'll stop now since is late de and i wanna go and sleep.. I hope i can sleep. Hehe.. Coz last time everytime i go for holidays, i will be too excited and i cant sleep..

Till then, will see u guys again when i come back with pictures to entertain u guys..

GOOD LUCK TO ALL THOSE WHO IS HAVING THEIR EXAMS NOW!!! Good Luck to my cousin too. May u all pass with flying colours.


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