Sunday, June 10, 2007

In Taiwan

Boo!!! Am now in Taiwan blogging.. Hehe.. It has been 2 days since am here for holidays. It's fun!!! But it has been raining since the day we came till today and is expected to rain till wed... But, thank god when we go out, is not that heavy till we go back to the car. It was just slight rain, so it was not that hot too. We stayed with my dad's friend and we got a driver to take us out. Since the last 2 days in Taiwan, we covered quite alot of places eventhough it was raining. We went out from morning till at night.. I'll post the pictures when i go back to Penang.

At the moment, we just finished watching my dad's friend, Uncle Robert's 60th years birthday celebration on dvd.. It was fun and exciting.. Cool.. He is so fun and cute..

That's it for now.. I'll blog again when am back!!! Take care!!!

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