Monday, June 18, 2007

Taiwan- Day 1


Boo!!! It's been 5 days since i came back from Taiwan. It was really fun and exciting, although it was raining.We stayed in Uncle Robert and Aunty Lian place. The scenery from their place is so nice. We arrived on the 8th of June 2007, and the driver pick us from the airport. By the time we reach their place, it was dinner time, around 8pm. After putting our baggage, my dad, brother and me followed Uncle Robert and the driver to go ta pau food. We ate the local food. After dinner, we just hang around and talk to them for few hours. We also plan on where to go since it was expected to rain till Wednesday. Due to the rain, we decided we better not go to mountain places as it will be dangerous. So we decided if it was till raining, we will just go around the tourist attraction in the city of Taipei. The we all showered and went to bed.

On our first day, 9th of June, Saturday

We woke up at around 9am, and as expected it was still raining. Uncle Robert wanted to go to the office to settle some stuff so he didnt join us. Aunty Lian was also busy with some things, so we went out ourself. Aunty Lian told the driver where to take us. At around 10am, after breakfast, we then head to a few places in Taipei City. The first place we went was the Warrior Memorial. It was one of the tourist place. Then we headed to the Grand Hotel. On the way for lunch, we stop by the presidential residents to just take the picture from outside. Then we went for lunch. We ate the beef noodle and other specialty in that shop. It was just a small shop, but the food was good. After lunch, we then headed to the cultural centre concert hall and Chiang Kai-Shek memorial. It was still raining by then, but we just took an umbrella each and still continue walking and looking around while the driver waited for us. After completing, we decided to go to Sogo- departmental store. After staying there for a few hours, we then went for dinner. the driver went to fetch Aunty Lian and then came to fetch us, then headed to Uncle Robert office to pick him and we went for dinner together. We went to a Shanghainese Restaurant. After dinner, my parents and us decided to go to the night market since it wasnt raining anymore. The driver drop us there and fetch Uncle Robert and Aunty Lian back home. After that, we took a teksi and headed back home. Although it was a long and tiring day, but it was FUN!!!

Warrior Memorial

Me and my younger brother soldier

Mum And Dad

The soilders are changing duty. They are marching to the other side to change duty with the other soilders who is already off-duty. They changed duty every one hour.

Dad and Me, since it was raining, we were seen using the umbrella..

Still on the process of changing soldiers.

Showing off their gun skills

The Warrior Memorial- The Chinese title on top..

The Grand Hotel

Inside the Grand Hotel

Mum and Me- Still inside the Grand Hotel

The outside of Grand Hotel

The building

The golden dragon.. Of coz that's me... Muahahahaha..

Dad and my younger brother

Taken from the car without pulling down the window.

The Grand Hotel but in Chinese words

Uncle Robert's Office- Daimler Chrysler

Yes, Uncle Robert is working there.. DAIMLER CHRYSLER

Uncle Robert in his room working hard.. LOL

Haha.. GHOSTTTT!!! my brother was bored i guess.. But it was a cool picture!!!

Presidential Residents

Cutural Centre Concert Hall and Chiang Kai Shek Memorial

Beef Noodle Shop

That's where we had our lunch

Sogo- Departmental Store

Me and my younger brother outside Sogo- the old Sogo

And the new Sogo- My younger brother, dad and Me


Night Market

Me, My younger brother and Mum- Going in to the night market

The temple near the night market exit

That's the exit entrance of the night market and that's the name on top.. Doubt u can see it...

That's the first day in Taiwan.. Will post soon on what we did on the 2nd day.. Stay tune.. No promise when i will update it.. Muahaha. Evil Laugh!!!!

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