Saturday, July 07, 2007

21st Birthday Celebration- 3rd Part: In Segafredo

Segafredo- Gurney Plaza 07/07/07

After dinner, we then headed to Segafredo in Gurney Plaza.. The 10 of us went, 2 had to leave early.. Wei leong and Melissa went off after dinner.. But the rest of us, decided to continue our party.. LOL.. So here's the pictures which we took in Segafredo..

The four of us... My 3 best friends.. Shari-ann, Wye Ling, Phei Shan!!!

NO NO.. Shari-Ann is not drinking.. She took my cup away!!! LOL

Fayth, Edward (he is tired =P), audrey, Ariel, Siew Ping and Sing Lin

The 3 of my best friends from Pg and Nicole from HELP... Kekeke

Me and Fayth sitting on edward.. And audrey, she is enjoying herself

Nicole, Fayth, Me, Edward, Audrey, Ariel, Siew Ping, Sing Lin

And finally, my friends came out with such a brilliant idea.. They ordered AK47 and makes me "BOTTOMS DOWN"!!! They bully me.. Sob sob!!! Hahaha!!!Anywayz, thank you for coming out with that idea.. Haha.. Thought i cant drink... =P.. It was FUN!!! Thanx guys!!!

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