Sunday, July 08, 2007

My 21st Birthday Party in Penang- 07-07-07

Yesterday, Saturday, 07-07-07, i celebrated my 21st birthday party in Pg. The venue was in Little Cottage 2, Hotel Waterfall. Nicole and i arrived at around 7.45pm, to final check the place and everything was done. Nicole came to stay with me for a nite in PG just to attend my birthday. She is my college classmate in HELP and she is in her hometown in Kedah since hols begin.. Anywayz, back to the story.. Around 8.10pm to 8.30pm, all my friends arrived for my birthday party. At 8.40pm, we ordered our food which was specially customize it for me.. Some of us ordered salmon filo, some ordered ribeye steak, some ordered lamb shoulder and some order grilled chicken.. It was a 5 course dinner but it also includes the bun. Lol.. So actually was only a 4 course dinner. While waiting for the food, we started talking and talking and talking.. Everyone there makes friends so easily even though they didnt know each other at first.. BUT pg is really small, because while chatting, they somehow was connected to each other.. Some seems to see each other before but wasnt close.. So it was nice because everyone get along very well and socialize together.. The restaurant close at 10.30 p.m, but by 10.30p.m we all still havent finished our food yet.. Haha.. See.. we talk more than eating.. At 10.30p.m the waitress took out the birthday cake and sang the happy birthday song.. Then all my friends join in and sang the birthday song for me.. Haha.. After that, as usual, they took out all the candles except the last one, and i was suppose to take the last candle using my mouth.. Hahaha.. After that, we ate the cake quickly because it was already 10.55pm.. And we had to leave because they wanted to close de.

Guess what, we all still didnt want to leave, so we then headed to Gurney Plaza, Segafredo.. But when we were there, Segafredo was still pack with ppl, so we head to Dome for a drink.. A few of my friends, went to check out Segafredo to see whether they are seats available.. After Dome, we then headed to Segafredo.. Hahaha.. 3 of my friends when to Segafredo first and wait for us.. And i didnt know they plan something for me..

They ordered AK57 if am not mistaken where there are 6 different types of alcohol.. And they make me bottoms down the drink.. Smart ppl lah they all.. LOL.. At around 1.30am, we all decided to head home..

It was an enjoyable day for me.. And i thank all my friends who came to celebrate my birthday and make this event a memorable day for me. This is the sms i send to all my friends this morning.. Thank you for the 5 of my friends, Phei Shan, Ariel, Audrey, Wye Ling and Nicole for taking all the trouble to attend my birthday.. Am so honoured.. They came from Singapore, KL and Kedah just for a day to celebrate with me. I cant thank them enough.. Anyways, here's the sms i send out to them to thank all of them

Hi my dear friends,

Thank you so much for the presents. I love all of them, But i really want to thank you guys so much for attending my 21st birthday yesterday, some of them who even drive or take a bus from singapore, KL and Kedah to celebrate my birthday. It was a great birthday party, not just becoz of the food or the presents but because u guys were there to be with me in this special occasion. U guys is the one that makes this event goes on so smoothly.. There is no words to thank you guys, and u guys nearly make me cry as i was so happy.. Seriously, there is beyond words to describe how i felt.. I love all of u guys and i miss all of u.. it was hard to bid u guys goodbye yesterday, and i dont even mind if we can stay longer.. Haha.. Have a safe trip back today the 5 of u.. Take care and see u soon.. The rest of u from over the world, who is back for hols, hope to meet u guys up before u go back to aussie and russia.


Here are all the pictures we took yesterday!!!

Before the party- At home

Another shot- At home

Still At home- Nicole and Me

From the right- Me, Ariel, Shari-Ann, Wye Ling, Phei Shan
From the left- Siew Ping, Sing Lin, Wei Leong

Another shot

The other table ( i was sitting in this table too)- which is near to the first table lah
From the right- Edward. Huili (Fayth). Audrey
From the left- Me, Nicole, Melissa Yeap

Edward showing off his bun!!! Lol

Audrey, Me, Nicole, Melissa, Huili (Fayth)

Edward, Me, Nicole, Melissa, Huili (Fayth)

Another shot

All of us- Audrey, Edward, Me, Nicole, Melissa, Huili (Fayth)

Another shot together

Close up birthday cake


Nicole, Me and Siew Ping with Birthday cake

Making a wish.. LOL


Blowing the candle-- i look so scary her.. LOL

I like this picture!!!

getting ready to take the last canle by mouth.. Thanx so much my friend!!! HAHA

And the action began!!! LOL

There are more pictures coming up!!! Stay Tune!!!


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Drew Watts said...

Wow! You look beautiful in that dress. I am sure it must have been great fun. I am also planning to book one of the Los Angeles event venues for my birthday. I wish my birthday goes just like this. It was wonderful going through this post.