Sunday, July 08, 2007

21st Birthday Celebration- 2nd Part

Here are more pictures we took during my 21st birthday on the 7 July 2007..

Group pictures

Another Group pictures

AND another group pictures.. Hahaha

Cutting the cake and audrey cutting me.. I didnt even know it till i saw the pictures.. LOL

Finally, am cutting my birthday cake without anyone cutting me

Me, Ariel and Shari-Ann

The foursome.. My best friends!!! Friends Forever

Sing Lin, Me and Siew Ping

The only 2 guys that came to my birthday party: Edward loh, Me and Wei Leong

Another one- the first picture, Edward was smilling but wei leong was sad.. In this picture it was the opposite.. U guys ar.. Hahaha

Hui Li (Fayth), Melissa Yeap and Me

Wei Leong and Shari fighting.. LOL

Nicole and Me

Wei Leong, Shari-Ann, Ariel, Me and Nicole

Me and Nicole

Audrey is sad.. because... Hahaha..

An now, Audrey is happy.. Hahaha...

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